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We'll Make me..(Devil May Cry/Vergil love story)
A New friend
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A New friend

        Anastasia was walking around with her brother, Tieran. Her hair was up in a fancy bun, her bright green eyes happily laughing, and she wore a dress that came too her ankles, that was blue and white and green. It was the 7 year old's favorite dress and she wore it as often as she could. Sure, her family didn't have all the money in the world, but it was fine by her. It seemed too her like she had everything she would ever need, much less want.  Her brother, Tieran, was 16 years of age, and the oldest child. Anastasia was the youngest. In her family, there was four children. There was Tieran, the eldest, then Cosette, then Jinsu, then Anastasia, the youngest.  Tieran had black hair, and wore just jeans and a plain white shirt, nothing fancy. He had green eyes as well, but not as bright as his sisters. 

        The two siblings soon reached a small stream. Tieran smiled down at his sister, "Now Anastasia. Be careful. Cosette, Jinsu, and I are going to hang out with ours friends, and it would be best if you stayed here.. Trust me, it would be better for you.." He said. Anastasia smiled, "Got it!! See you soon!!" She said with a small giggle as she waved goodbye too her brother. Once Tieran was out of sight, she automatically took her shoes and socks off, and jumped into the stream with her feet. She giggled again as the water splashed around her. Too be honest, the small girl didn't really mind when she was left alone like this. She was used too it, so, she didn't care as much. Besides, she understood that her brothers and sister had friends, and she longed for the day she would have one as well. But, until then, she would play by herself.. 


   Vergil grabbed a bucket, as he went too the stream. His uncle had asked that he go fetch some water, and he did it without a sign of complaining. It's not that he didn't mind, he just knew it had too be done. And so, he did it. While he was walking too the stream, he saw a little girl in the distance by the stream. He stopped and looked at her. It was like she was controlling the water around her.. Or..Maybe she was?? He couldn't tell.. He soon became intrigued with the sight of the girl. He rarely ever saw anyone but his twin brother and his Uncle. His curiosity got the better of him, for when your 8, you have a hard time stopping curiosity, as he slowly approached the girl. While approaching, he soon tripped. "Ow.." He said too himself, then remembered the girl.. He gulped quietly, and looked up, too see the girl..standing right in front of him.. 

Anastasia giggled down at the boy, "Hello!" she said too him, as she sat down in front of him. Vergil looked up at her, looking at her face, as his face turned a red.."Hi.." He said quietly. "I'm Anastasia.." She said. "Vergil.." he replied. Anastasia smiled, "Nice too meet you!!" She said, her voice happy. Vergil began too sit up.."Yeah..Nice too meet you too.." He said with a small smile. Anastasia looked at his hair and giggled.."I like your hair.." She said too him. Just when he was about too respond, Tieran came walking towards them. He knelt down next too them. "I see you made a new friend.." He said too his sister. Anastasia shrugged then giggled. Tieran stood up once more, "Why don't you two go play?? Then, you guys can come back too the house, and we can all have a treat.." He said with a grin. Vergil and Anastasia nodded. She grabbed onto Vergil's wrist, as she took off in a sprint towards the woods. It was such a sudden movement, that her snow white hair fell out of it's bun. Vergil laughed a little as he got out of her grip, and ran along side of her, "Where are we going??" He asked her. Anastasia smiled, "You'll see!!" She said

After about 10 more minutes of constant running, they reached a rather large and hollow Oak tree. It was about 60 meters thick, and over 100 meters tall. Anastasia grinned up at it, "Come on!!" She said too Vergil, as she opened a door that was built into the tree. She left it open for Vergil, and climbed up inside. Once she was up in the very top, she looked out a window and saw Vergil standing there, biting his lip, as he looked at the door.. "What are you waiting for?? Come on in!!" She said with a giggle. Vergil looked up at her, "Er..Actually, I'll pass..Thank you though.." He said, with a small smile. Anastasia smiled back, and got down from the tree, "Alright! Then what do you- What's that???" She said, stopping her first sentence, as she looked at the mountains.. Vergil followed her gaze and saw smoke rising, as well as people screaming.. Anastasia looked at it, and her eyes slightly widened.. She took off in a sprint towards it..This couldn't be happening..