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APH] Hetalia ~Spain x Romano(S.Italy) One shot Curl Play
Spain x Romano (On
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Spain x Romano (One shot)

(You can request a one shot from me if you would like. Just I need to know the anime and characters well... I will put it up on my profile on witch anime's I know well.) Stupid computer restarted on me so I tried to make it still detailed but ya... Enjoy ewe

(Spain's POV)

For years ever since Romano was just a little chibi tomato I have always wondered why that one curl stuck out of his hair.  What is its reason of being there? Sure it serves its purpose of making my little Romano cuter then he already is.  I just wonder why Romano keeps it there... Will it not go down or something? Or is he trying to taunt me with it so I can go in with his ways. If that is the case... Its working. The thing that makes me wonder so much about this little curl so much is... When ever I tug or pull it even just the slightest touch he snaps at me and trys to cover his face. I am determined now that he is all grown up but ever still so cute to find out today or tomorrow what that little curl does!
I open my eyes from that very thought of... finding out about that curl! What if it is doing something horrible to my little tomato? I can't let that happen! No one can mess around with Romano without getting threw me! I take the blanket off me and swiftly move up so I am sitting upward and look at the ground as I think of what I have to do before filling my goal. There is cleaning witch Romano wont do... Finding out if France will be targeting me at all today... again. But before I can start on anything I have to make breakfast!  Poor little Romano must be hungry. I get up on my feet and walk over to the door witch is right the the left from my big bed. When I reach my hand for the door knob a quick breeze of cold air bits my back making a striking shiver go down my spine from the window being open. I let go of the handle and calmly walk over to the window witch is straight from the door and rub the back of my head. I pull the window shut as I look out it seeing the green grass being swallowed by the darkness of the black clouds that roamed above. I ignore it hoping it will rain anyways since we do need some water for the plants right? It takes one less thing of my list to do, makes it quicker for me to get to my plan. I turn around just to see the door swing open and Romano barging in coming strange to me and yelling,
"I am hungry! Make my breakfast, Bastardo!" I lift my hand up and pat his head just to see the twitch of the curl. It was so tempting just to tug it or even feel it but no... The time is not right.
"Don't touch me!" I little smirk crosses my face on how cute Romano is when he is angry. I lift my hand off his head and put it back to my side as I ask him not able to get the smirk off my face,
"What would you like to eat for breakfast my little Tomato?"
"What is with the smirk!? I am not YOURS to own and I am not LITTLE! Also... I would like Pasta..." He says the last part with one of his eyes closed and that fishy face to the side.  I let out a chuckle with the smirk releasing as,
"Your just so cute. I will go see if we have the stuff to make pasta." Romano spazzes out,
"Don't call me cute bastard!"  I couldn't help but smile. I walked out and turned around asking calmly with a wide smile,
"Want Tomatos with that?" Romano grumbles back while he puts his hands in his pocket and walks towards me,
"Of course..." We walk out of my room and down the hallway where thunder strikes outside the house and Romano freezes for a second until the thundering noise ends. I look back to see Romano getting a bit shy looking with his crouched back and he is closer together not being loose. Before I could say anything to him I see him walk ahead of me and scamper down the stairs yelling back at me,
"Hurry up!" I could see from the corner of my eyes on his face he was trying so hard not to shudder there. I speed my pace and race down the stairs being careful at the same time not to trip. I walk over to the kitchen and hear tapping on the windows of the hard rain running down and ruffly hitting the glass. All at once lighting streaks the sky making bright yellow streams of electricity. The thundering rumbling down with Romano acting to every single noise they make. I grab the dough from the fridge where it was being contained and put it on the counter.  Romano watches from a chair helplessly with his little cute frown and hands crossed on his chest.  I start to beat the dough and after
separate it into two pieces.  I do all the other steps on making pasta as I hear Romano's stomach growl louder each time it rumbles.  As you know his stomach is not the only thing rumbling.  Luckily the thunder is more louder then Romano's stomach growls. Once the pasta was all cooked perfectly in my opionion I start adding the sauces and cutting the tomatos up for the sauce. I also toss a pure red washed tomato over to Romano to satisfie him for now. He starts munching on it as I finish up the sauce and add it to the pasta. I look over to Romano and ask,
"Did I miss anything Romano?"
"How would I know you tomato loving bastard." I chuckle and wash a tomato and bite onto it to hold it in my mouth and I walk over to the table where with two plates of pasta in my hands. I set them on both sides of the table and walk once again to the kitchen passing Romano on the way who was walking to the table. Still tightly but not to much to break it holding onto the tomato I wash more tomatos and put them in a bowl walking towards the table.  Romano was eating some of his pasta with some sauce on his mouth.  I grab my napkin and walk over to him once I set the tomatos on the table and whiped his mouth while he grumbled,
"I was going to do that bastard..." I chuckle and set the napkin on the table right next to my own plate as I took my seat. I munch down on my tomato I had in my mouth and said to him,
"You know, Pasta is not breakfast. Its like a lunch."
"I believe they have a word for it know though bastard." He mumbles after every bite of his pasta.
"You mean brunch? I guess." Once I was finished with my tomato Romano was already finished with this pasta. I heard no rumbling of the thunder but it was still dark out when its morning. Maybe it just stopped for now. Like an on and off sort of thing. I saw Romano pick up a tomato from the bowl and walk towards the stairs. I look over to the living room to see a mess of clothes and plates... Many other things also. I sigh and finish up my pasta leaving the bowl of tomatos for later.  I pick up my plate and Romanos going to the kitchen to wash them. I think to myself as I wash the dishes well in the sink with soap. 'Why wont Romano do this sort of stuff like his brother, Italy?'  I finish cleaning them up and set them up in the cupboard then walk over to the corner and pick up the broom.  I walk over to the living room and see the hole mess. From clothes all the way down to last nights pizza.  I let out a great sigh and get to work, putting the clothes in the basement where they get washed, plates in the kitchen to be washed later and the left over pizza in the garbage. When I am finally done cleaning the living room I go upstairs and think what else I need to do. Oh ya if that cheese lover France will be attacking to try and get my precious Romano.  I go over to the phone witch is located in the wallway right in between me and Romano's rooms on a table stand. I pick up the phone and put in the digits to contact my boss.
"Hello, boss?"
"Ah, Spain what is it?"
"Do you know if France will be attacking today?"
"Not sure. So far I got nothing to prove he is going to."
"Oh, Alright."
"Why?" I didn't want to explain or even lie to him at that matter so I hung up on the phone right away but calmly do it looks like I didn't hear what he asked. I start thinking of ways to carry out my plan should I just go in there and ask him? No... Romano is not the person to be doing that.... Maybe just tug it see what happens? Nope.. Not any better I would be getting a lot of swearing. Maybe when I go in there I will figure something out... I hope.  I walk over to his door to the right and slowly grasp the handle and take a deep breath in as I open the door as it creaks silently. I take a step in to see Romano cuddled up facing the ceiling with his stomach showing from no top on but his blanket is covering his legs. I walk over to the corner of the bed and then think, 'if he has no top on then...' I look over on the ground and see his pants and shirt as I let out a soft sigh and turn my attention back on Romano.  He looks so cute when he is sleeping so peaceful and not calling me a bastard... The curl twitches and I remember the plan.  I reach my hand out to stroke the curl with my index finger slightly and a little light red blush crosses Romano's face as I chuckle at how adorable he looks. A sweat smile sneaks onto my face as I keep stroking the curl seeing Romano act strangely towards every stroke.  He would let out slight sounds each time and mumble. I then started rubbing on the silky curl with my thumb and index. For some reason it was very fun and amusing to play with. Romano had a darker red corss his face but it was still not that dark and I smiled again.  I then twirled my index finger in the curl and he started blushing a deep red like a tomato... Right then.. The words he said.. I knew...
"P-lease... Stop you j-jerk." This curl... Was a way to turn Romano on... Mostly from the blush... I climbed into his bed right next to him and was still twirling my index finger in his curl. It was so silky so hard to resist... Romano then turned to face me and gripped my shirt still asleep and pulling himself into me saying,
"Aw but its so fun." I whined replying back to him.  Of course he did not hear me so I got not reply back but since he was cuddling into my chest I could not play with it anymore.  I then smiled and put my hand behind his head in a way to hug him from being so adorable.  I then get out of his grip and pull my self towards him putting our chests together.  Our foreheads were against each other and our noses were in contact with each other as well.  It was such a nice position to be in but I knew I would have to separate from soon or I will be getting a beating. My eyes started to get heavy and I forgot all about what just happened I just started... drifting away into the dreams of when Romano was just a little chibi tomato... Romano had awoken in the exact moment Spain fell asleep.  Romano for some reason didn't move but he just bit his lip and looked at Spain grumply.  Romano also noticed that Spain had a blush on his face and his mouth was half open. He also felt a big warm so he knew he was also blushing (look at picture down v for ref). He leaned forward making there forehead get out of link but noses still touching. There lips pressed together and Spain woke up.  He smiled into the kiss and Romano could feel it.  Romano just smiled a bit into it as they both closed there eyes and pulled apart still touching noses and falling asleep side by side with there hands now linked.

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