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Justin Bieber IMAGINES
Story published August 21, 2012 · updated February 16, 2013 · 44 pages · 26,685 readers · 150,183 reads
10 Imagines!
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10 Imagines!

  you: "i'm bored". justin: "i got an idea" *winks* you: "im not that bored". *he faked cried & you just laughed*

Justin:where's my white shirt? Pattie: Idk,wear another one.. J:But im going out with (yn)! P: And? J: White is her favourite!

 Pattie: "whats your plans for tonight justin?" Justin: "making love to [your name]" Pattie: "WHAT" Justin: "i said i love you mom"

You:*text Justin* Justin: "OOOH LORRDDD [your name] TEXTED ME :D" Pattie: "Is she a celeb?" Justin: "To me she is! "

if you called a wrong number and the person you called was a celebrity. - "Hello, Mom?" "No. This is Justin Bieber." *dead*

You: I wanna go Paris one day. Justin: let's go right now, you go pack and I'll get the tickets

justin is giving u Frenchspeaking lessons. "babe, that's not how you do.. purse ur lips more&push w/ ur tongue" u do & he kisses u!

 you write on twitter:"☐ Single ☐ Taken ☑ Secretly dating Justin Bieber." He replies to you:"secretly? I thought we're official now"

Justin: When U smile I smile. *you smile* *Justin smiles back*

You and Justin are friends* Justin: Tell me your secret and I'll tell u mine You: I love u Justin: that was mine too *kisses u*

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