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Friends...Or More? (Fred Weasely Love Story) *Finished*
Story published August 22, 2012 · updated August 26, 2012 · completed · 42 pages · 3,895 readers · 36,489 reads
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Fred and I ran through the doors, wands out, and shooting all the spells we knew. For me, I was dangerously in trouble. I only knew stupify, and a few others that I forgot in the past 3 months...
Fred, on the other hand, was shooting like a master, hitting a few Death Eaters in the stomach and continuing to run. We ran up the staircase, and on until we got to the Astronomy Tower. We stood there for a moment, seeing a wall of Death Eaters, witches, and wizards walking like an army towards the castle.
We both looked up at the same time, and BAM!
The tower's top burst into flames as 3 or more Death Eaters began to bombard it.
I was scared, sliding down the poles of the deck and hiding. I felt like a coward. But how could I help it? And now, out of all times, this was an appropriate one for a flashback...
I stood, 2 feet tall, near the door as the sky blackened. A skull appeared in the sky, and my little pre-mature eyes widened in curiosity. My father, panic in his face, slammed the door, and grabbed me. He ran upstairs, into the bedroom, and hid me under the bed. He kissed me on the forehead, and ran back downstairs, waving his wand as he went. What I didn't know: I was being guarded. A forcefield was around this room.
I was scared out of my mind, but like a prayer, I kept quiet. All I could hear were things being broken, and slammed. Suddenly, a bang was shot. Then all was quiet. A very mysterious darkness fell over the room. I heard the stairs outside creak, and my little heart started banging against my chest.
He came into the room like he could walk through walls. His cloak, a mask of dark mist, swirled around him. The spells obviously did not faze this...Man.
As a little kid, I hadn't the slightest clue that the man who murdered James and Lilly Potter, was standing in front of me. I looked up, and suddenly my eyes met a snake's.
"Hello there, my dear!" Voldemort whispered as he picked me up, looking into my eyes. I looked down at him, laughing, surprisingly. He grimaced.
"You're the one we're looking for...."
An idiot as I was, I just thought of this as totally hilarious! I started laughing my little baby butt off. He snarled and raised his wand at me.
"Avada Kadavra!" I stopped laughing, and I started crying. Voldemort fell to the ground, gave one last look at me as he looked at his hands, and disappeared. I was upset. A moment later, Sirius came up, wrapping me in his arms, whispering calming words to me as he kissed my forehead and rocked me back and forth. His forehead was dripping blood like crazy. But he stayed with me.
That whole night, I heard the noises downstairs, and I remember only three of the spells.
And the worst.
Avada Kadavra.
"I'm not in love with you because of how you look. I'm not in love with you because you are popular, or cool. I'm in love with you because you are you, and your heart is good" -Fred Weasley