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If Only
Story published August 25, 2012 · updated November 2, 2013 · 165 pages · 32,907 readers · 582,392 reads
XXXXVI. Technicall
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XXXXVI. Technically Not Lying

~Harry's POV~
"Hey, we're going to do some shopping before we start helping the victims. Do you want to tag along?," Liam asks.
"Who's going?"
"Me, Jade, Niall, Devon, Eleanor, and Lou," he listed.
"What about Zayn?"
"He's sleeping. We're going to wake him up when we come back."
"I'll just stay with him. Just in case he wakes up."

"Okay, see you then, mate."

We were in New York. New York City, to be specific. We were here for a benefit concert that will take place in a few days. We got here early not only to practice and go on interviews, but to help some victims as well. The lads were going shopping for a bunch of things to give to people. I didn't want to because, I didn't want to be the third, er I mean, the seventh wheel. I'll just lay here, and watch television. No signal. Beatrice was right about these power cuts. But sometimes, these power cuts can have the worst timing. I asked Beatrice of what we were, you know, if we were dating, but a power cut happened, and she couldn't answer. We've talked since then, but no one ever brought up the question again. Speaking of Beatrice, I whip my phone out and text her:

Good morning ;) x

Now is the waiting game. I look at the time. 8:10am. Pretty early for her. Maybe she wasn't awake yet. But she was going to help out today as well. Maybe I should-

"Where did everyone go?," Zayn groans.
"Out to shop for the victims.
"Oh right. Why didn't you go?"
"I didn't want to leave you alone."
"Ah. Thanks, mate," he yawns.
"Why are you so tired anyway?"
"Texting Perrie," he smiled.
"Of course," I rolled my eyes with a smile.

"C'mon man. I miss her. I mean, don't you miss Athena?"
"Yeah. Yeah I do."
"Where does she live anyway?" We never fully discussed it. Do I say in San Jose, California like Beatrice? But that would make it a bit obvious right? Just say something. The first American place you could think of.
"New York," I answer.
"Oh so she lives around the area?"
"Yeah...," I hated lying to Zayn. But technically, this isn't lying. I mean, Athena is Beatrice, and Beatrice does live here.

"Oh great, so you could visit her. What would be better is that you could invite her to join us help people," he suggested.
"She might be busy, she today."
"That sucks," he sighed. "Has she left work yet?"
"Don't know." Now that was the truth. I really didn't know if she had left to go help out yet.
"Then why don't you visit her. Just be careful," he insisted. "Just meet up with us later at the shelter."
"You sure you'll be fine alone?"
"Yeah, mate. I need to get ready anyway."

I take a quick shower and dress casually. I look at my phone. No reply from Beatrice. Could she still be sleeping? It was 8:45 now, and we start volunteering at 10. I sneaked my way into the car and made my way to Beatrice's flat. I realized I had a small smile on my face. It was wiped away when I remembered what I just told Zayn.
 That Athena lived in New York. I don't know how she's going to react. I mean. Like I said before.

I'm technically not lying, right?
This is a sequel to Turtles