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Getting Through It (Gay love story) ~Trilogy~
Story published August 25, 2012 · updated 5 months ago · 32 pages · 3,660 readers · 38,545 reads
Skylar Simmons
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Skylar Simmons

        Once again, you are reading my information. As you should all know, I am still Skylar. I died my hair to a full color now. I think I look pretty good. 

        Anyways,I'm 17 years old still. My birthday is tomorrow.

         It's summer time! So far one of the best summers ever. Everything is good.

         Jae and I are happy together. We aren't even sad about anything, ever. 

        Everyone is getting through Jace's death. Even though it has been a year and a half. But still. 

        So you know everything else about me. So I'm just cutting it short. So I guess I'll just go ahead and go to sleep...