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Getting Through It (Gay love story) ~Trilogy~
Story published August 25, 2012 · updated 5 months ago · 32 pages · 3,659 readers · 38,544 reads
Jake Miles
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Jake Miles

        Hey. Remember me? Jake Miles? It's the one and only. I'm 18 years old. Turning 19 very soon.

        Still in this @#!*% hole jail. They said I've been sentenced a court date next week. I don't know what they'll be signing off for me but they said I'll have to pay the fines and probation I think. 

        But I have a plan when I get out. To get Skylar back. I've learned my lesson. We'll be happy together. Now just to get Jae out of the picture...

        Well, you know everything about me. I might as well sleep on these @#!*% beds. 

        Until I get out, bye.