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One Direction- ONE SHOTS- *Finished*
Story published August 25, 2012 · updated December 5, 2012 · completed · 28 pages · 3,644 readers · 39,285 reads
Shower (Ziall)
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Shower (Ziall)


ANYWAY. ONE WITH IT. Im sorry. But, if you see a ** it means its gonna get a bit.. intense.and it will be in red.  you can skip it, idgaf. and at that part, i laughed my ass off while writing/typing it. >.

"Zayn!" A voice yelled from the bathroom. Zayn turned the volume down on the teevee, and went to see what his friend needed.
He hesitantly opened the bathroom door, "Y-You called?" Niall poked the upper half of his body out from behind the curtain Zayn found himself getting turned on by this. "Yeah, out of shampoo.. hand me a new bottle?" Niall asked.
Zayn handed the bottle to Niall; his hands shaking.
"You can leave now.." He said slowly. Zayn looked at his feet,"What if i dont WANT to leave..?" "What?"  Zayn got impatient, "Can i shower with you?.. T-To save water.."
Niall blushed, but nodded eagerly.
Zayn stripped, and stepped int.
Both boys ignored the fact that they were both nakes, and less then a foot away.
Despite the fact that Zayn was really.. eager.., When Niall started to sing quietly, Zayn lost it..
Zayn slammed Niall against the shower wall, kissing down his neck, making sure he left dark purple marks. Highly noticable. Niall was shocked. Here his best friend was. Naked. Pressed against him. Giving him a hickey.
But Niall liked it!! He kept saying he was straight, But now he wasnt sure.
Zayn kissed his lips slowly. Niall finally gave in and reacted likewise.
Niall ignored their erections touching*****
Zayn bit Niall's lip. Niall, as expected,moaned. Zayn slipped his tounge into the younger boy's mouth, but pulled away seconds later, "This is much better than showering alone. I know you agree."



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