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I Have Never Forgotten You (an Austin Moon Love Story)
Story published August 27, 2012 · updated August 29, 2012 · completed · 22 pages · 3,839 readers · 26,859 reads
Dates, Tickets, an
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Dates, Tickets, and Concerts

It was now July 2nd 2014. I was sitting in the park with Austin on an ice cream date. 
Uh Christine you have a little ice cream on you face
Thanks Austin *I went to wipe my face*
Wait let me
He grabbed my hand and kissed me. 
Thanks Austin
About two weeks later I went to Austin’s house and Austin said that he had a surprise for me
Austin what is it
I have your birthday gift
What it isn’t even September yet?
I know but I knew how much you loved Taylor Swift so
You got me concert tickets! Thank you so much Austin. 
I also got us backstage passes to meet Taylor
You’re kidding right?
Does it look like I am kidding?
I love you Austin *I said as I kissed him*
It was now August 15th 2014 and the day of the concert. Austin came to pick me up and we drove to the concert. It ended and Austin asked me,
So Christine did you have a good time?
I sure did Austin
Come on lets go meet Taylor Swift
Omg your Taylor Swift
Yes thats me and you are?
Christine and I am your biggest fan
Hey Austin
Hi Taylor
Christine you are so sweet that I am going to give you my guitar from tonight. Just let me sign it, there you go
Thank you so much Taylor
Don’t mention it
Bye Taylor
Bye Austin, Christine

Austin's POV

We went back to our car, a blue and pink Volkswagen beetle to be exact. Our parents had given it to us for our 17th birthday
Austin you are definitely the sweetest boyfriend ever
And the sweetest girlfriend ever
I leaned over and kissed Christine before putting the car into gear and driving home. We got home and Christine was so happy with the guitar that she had gotten from Taylor
Thank you so much for the birthday gift.
Your welcome Christine
No I really mean it Austin. No one has ever went to this much trouble for my birthday before
Well I did and I always will
Awe Austin. I love you Austin Moon, even though your middle name is Monica
I love you too Christine Emily-Elisabeth Morgan
I leaned down and passionately kissed Christine