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One Direction Preferences*
Story published August 27, 2012 · updated January 4, 2013 · 11 pages · 31,858 readers · 140,189 reads
Preference #1- How
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Preference #1- How You Meet

You and your best friends just got meet and greet tickets to see One Direction after you go to their concert, which you had front row tickets to. You were all on your way there, you were wearing 
 . You got there, and you were so excited to see the boys performing live! When they came out, they did so well! You were so happy.  While you were screaming and having fun in the front row, you saw Harry walk by. He looked right into your eyes and smiled at you and kind of choked on his own spit while singing! After the concert, you headed backstage for the meet and greet. You saw all of the boys, one by one, from Liam, to Niall, to Zayn, to Louis, then finally, when Harry's eyes met yours again, he smiled greatly. "Y-You were the girl in the front row!" "You remember me? Out of millions of people in the crowd?" you asked. "Yeah! Your eyes are gorgeous.. and so are you by the way.." he smiled shyly. You blushed. "What's your name love?" "I'm (Y/N)." you smile. "Pretty name." he smiles back. After taking a few pictures with all of the boys, Harry gave you his number and told you to text him.

You were just hired to help out with One Direction's wardrobe, so you're their new make-up and dressing artist! You love One Direction and you're so excited to start working. On the day of the job, you make sure to wear something nice and 
professional, so you wear  . As you get there, you can see all of the boys and a few of the other people, who are finishing their make-up. You can feel someone watching you. You look up and your eyes meet Liam's. His beautiful chocolate brown eyes. He blushes and looks down, obviously shy and embarrassed that you caught him staring. You smile and you wait. Finally, it's your turn for wardrobe. You meet all of the boys. "Um, I couldn't help but notice you... what's your name?" Liam asks as you finally meet him. "(Y/N)." you reply. "Wow, I like that name... um.. we just met, but would you want to, hang out sometime?" he smiled awkwardly. "Of course!" you giggle. He nods happily and he hands you a piece of paper with his number on it. First day on the job and you've already got Liam!

You're standing in line at a One Direction signing. You're so excited to finally meet the boys you love! You were happily wearing  . You smiled as you could see all of the boys up ahead in front of you. You mostly saw Louis, who was pointing you out to Harry. You just looked down, pretending not to notice. As you got closer to the front of the line Louis smiled to you. "Um, excuse me, shouldn't I be the only one wearing stripes?"  he asks, pointing to your shirt. "Oh, sorry if I just love your fashion sense enough to copy the stripe idea.." you reply sarcastically, and you're screaming like the fangirl you are in your head. "Aren't you a cutie!" he smiles happily. "Talking bout yourself?" you reply. "I like you." "I like you too." you giggle. "What's your name, love?" he asks. "(Y/N)." He nods and laughs and he hands you your signed CD. As you walk away, you read what he wrote. '(Y/N) text me sometime! 123 1234:) Louis' You couldn't be happier.

You were waiting in line at Nando's, getting your order wearing  .
When you finally got your meal, you turned around to walk to a table, but crashed into someone. You fell onto the floor, food spilling everywhere on the ground. "Oh my god, I am so sorry!" you hear an Irish boy call out. You look up to see a cute blonde boy with gorgeous blue eyes. You knew right away who it was. It was Niall Horan, from One Direction. You couldn't believe it! You see his hand reach down to help. You take it and he pulled you up. "I'm sooooo sorry, I'll buy you another order, I'm sorry!" he says as you stand back up on your feet again. "no no no," you try to stop him, but he jumps in front of you, ordering everything you just ordered. Before you know it, there's another whole tray full of what you just ordered. Niall is on the ground trying to clean up the mess there too. "It's okay! It's okay!" you giggle. "Are you sure? I'm really sorry!" he replies. "It's fine!" you smile. "I'm Niall by the way." "(Y/N)" you say. "Well, I'm not trying to be too forward or anything, but I have no one to eat with and, I was wondering-" "Yes!" you giggle. Niall nods and he gets his order and you both head back to a table for two.

You haven't been feeling very good lately. You haven't been sick to your stomach or anything, you've just haven't been yourself. You haven't really gone out or done anything in the last little while. Your friends decide that you need some time out. They plan out a whole night for you to go clubbing together. You sigh as you already know what's going to happen. You're going to have to stay sober while they party anyway. That night, you get dressed into  . You all left to the club. When you got there, you sat at a chair by yourself, watching your friends get drunk and have fun. Suddenly, you looked over and you saw a dark haired boy sitting down beside you. It.. it was Zayn Malik! You didn't know what to do! "Here with friends too?" he asks. "Yeah.. I'm the sober one for the night." you reply. "Me too. Since Liam has his kidney back and working, he's out there having fun now. What's your name, by the way." he replies. "(Y/N)." he smiles and nods. You and Zayn keep up a chat for a while, until he has to go get the boys. Although, you swap numbers and start texting right away!

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