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Story published August 27, 2012 · updated August 30, 2012 · 19 pages · 1,908 readers · 5,519 reads
3. Mikey - Long Di
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3. Mikey - Long Distance Boyfriend

Requested by :UnknownSpecies.-

Sorry if it sucks :( I Was brain dead 

Mikey - Long distant boyfriend 
I woke up and stretched, getting up and going to my bathroom. I walked in, doing my usual morning routine, before going back into my room and grabbing my phone. I had one text, from my boyfriend Mikey.
Good morning beautiful. I wish I could see you for myself, but my dreams suit me all the better xx -Mikey
I knew my face must be pink and I sighed. Mikey was my boyfriend of 6 months but he moved a while back. I miss him so much, but we always call and text and Skype. I know what your think, long distance relationships never work, blah blah blah. Well it doesn't work if it doesn't have faith and trust. Sure it's harder to keep, but it's worth it if you truly have feelings for the person. 
I got with my usual routine and went to work. It's Saturday, and yes I have a job. I work at Tim Hortons (Or Starbucks if your American or any other coffee place you prefer.) 
When I got there, I was working until I got a phone call. It was from Mikey. I furrowed my brow, answering it. He knows not to call me when I'm working. 
"Mikey you know I'm -" I was saying but a woman's voice cut me off. 
"Hello? Is this Ms. Summers?" She said and I was even more confused. 
"Yes, why?" I said. 
"Well you see, Mikey has been involved in a really bad accident. He's being taken to the hospital, he told me to call you." She said and time stopped. 
Mikey. My Mikey is hurt. "I-I'll be right there!" I said and got to my car. I didn't car at that moment the the ride to the hospital was probably 5 hours long, all I cared about was my Mikey. He didn't deserve this, he was too sweet. Too kind. 
/ Boring Car Trip Later / 
When I finally got there, I jumped out the car and into the hospital, not caring that my legs felt like jelly. I ran up to the front desk, panting slightly.
"I'm here to see Mikey Granger?!" I said. 
"Oh yes, third floor, room 335." She said andi bolted to the elevator trying to calm my breath. 
Once it arrived on the floor, I searched for the room until finally, just around the corner, there it was, 
I pushed the door open slowly to see someone on the bed. Not just anyone, my someone. I walked over to the bed slowly and touched his hand. 
"Mikey?" I whispered and he opened his eyes, smiling. 
"Tara," He said and tugged on my wrist, pulling me closer as he hugged me. "I'm so happy to see you, but I don't like the reason why." He said, frowning slightly. 
"I'm so sorry this happened to you," I whispered and he shooked his head, bringing his lips onto mine. I kissed back quickly, enjoying every moment. 
I pulled back and looked him in the eye. "So? What did the doctors say?"
"I have a broken leg but other then that, I should be able to leave soon," He answer and I grinned. 
I stayed in the hospital the whole time, just waiting for him. We would hang out just like we used to. I basically fell in love all over again. And that's the thing with love right, no matter what the situation, as long as your with the one you love, you'll always be happy. 

Not one of my better ones.. 
Thank you everyone for reading! (: