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Oneira (GreeceXReader)
Story published August 28, 2012 · updated 3 months ago · 7 pages · 347 readers · 2,158 reads
Before dreams, Com
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Before dreams, Comes sleep

"Oneira is the greek word for dreams. Now repeat after me class-" 'I'd rather be dreaming now though.' You thought tiredly to yourself as you yawned the word outloud. Your teacher, Mr.Kirkland, wasn't fond of your sleeping in his class but unlike other students, you somehow managed to pass with one of the highest grades in the enitre class. How you manged? He could only imagine.

Looking out the window, you thought it'd be a nice day to nap outside but just as you were drifting to sleep, thunder clapped loudly and woke you. 'Why is it always like this here?' You groaned quitely in the desk. The weather was never good in your rainy little town in England. You wished you could move out or just take a little vaction from it but your studdies had to come first or your parents would never let you hear the end of it.

Sighing, you realized class was almost over which made you smile at the clock. At least you'd be able to get home and sleep. You weren't tired though, you just wanted to have that dream again. It was an odd, but soothing dream you got often now and you hoped it meant something good was going to happen soon. Catching into the last words Mr.Kirkland was saying, you realized what he was talking about.

'A trip to Greece! Perfect!' You thought contently. He caught hold of your grin and sighed. 'Figures that's all she'd hear today' He couldn't help but smile slightly at his thoughts. "Anyone who would like to go, please speak with me after class." You were wide awake now waiting for class to be over. 'This could be so fun!' You grinned and packed your things knowing class would be over soon.

Just as the bell rang you were out of your seat and at Mr.Kirkland's desk. "Figures you'd be here." He handed you the papers. "Just get your parents to sign and what not and deliver these back with your money." You grinned and nodded, knowing your parents simply couldn't refuse you to go. You had the money to go, it was for school, and it got rid of you for two weeks. It was a watertight plan for you. "I'll need those by Friday, alright Ms.(_Y/n_)?" You nodded. "Course!" You ran off giggling. 'This is the perfect way to end high school!' You giggled in your head. 'Now to find mom or dad!' You set out on your little adventure, your grin not coming off the entire time.