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One Direction Imagines
Story published August 30, 2012 · updated July 23, 2013 · 15 pages · 4,608 readers · 13,337 reads
Imagine#1 - Zayn
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Imagine#1 - Zayn

"When are the other boys getting back?" You whine to Zayn. Louis, Niall, Harry, and Liam had all gone out for a walk, leaving you and Zayn alone. Unfortunately, although you were close to the other boys, you didn't talk to Zayn much. 
"Dunno. Any minute now, I guess." He shifted uncomfortably and you sat in silence for a few minutes. Sighing, you took out your phone and searched through your contacts to find someone to text.


"Soo," Louis winked, "What do you think (Y/N) and Zayn are doing?" Harry, Liam and Niall chuckled, picturing the two of you sitting awkwardly together. 
"I'm bored! And hungry!" Niall whined. "Can we come back yet? Zayn asked for a little bit of alone time with (Y/N), not hours."
"Give the guy a break, he's got a cruuuuush." Harry smirked.
Niall sighed, "Fine, but I'm only giving him twenty more minutes."

"So." Zayn finally spoke up. You look up from your phone and meet his brilliant brown eyes. 
"Sooo." You responded, with a shy smile.
Zayn laughed a bit, his tongue poking out from behind his teeth. "You wanna watch a movie?" He asked randomly.
You shrugged. "Why not?" Zayn bent down to search through the movies. You sat down on the couch.
"Have you seen this one?" He held up a movie that looked unfamiliar to you.
"I don't think so," you replied.
"It's a good one!" He started the movie and the jumped on the opposite side of the couch that I was sitting on. You were ten minutes in the movie or so, when Louis, Niall, Harry, and Liam barged in through the door. You and Zayn turned your heads and waved at them. "Hey guys!" You said in unison. Zayn locked eyes with you and smirked a little. Louis, Liam and Harry sat on the couch, filling the space between you and Zayn. 
"Care to join us?" Harry asked Niall.
"I'm too hungry." Niall complained, then wandered into the kitchen.
"What are we watching?" Liam asked, putting his arm around Zayn. 
Zayn pointed at the screen as the title of the movie came up.
"Soo. (Y/N)." Louis smirked. He yawned, putting his arm around you and wiggling his eyebrows jokingly. Zayn shot him a dirty look, but you're not sure what for. Louis caught Zayn's eye, laughed, and put his arm back into his lap. 
Niall marched into the room, holding an overly large bowl of popcorn. He set it down on the coffee table in front of the television, and then sat down on the couch between Harry and Liam. 
You tried to pay attention to the movie, but you kept turning to look at Zayn, only to have him look over and flash that cute smile of his. On top of that, Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis were bouncing around like maniacs. Zayn gave you a look that said, "These people are crazy," and you smirked. He took out his phone, and you turned back towards the movie. A moment later, you felt your phone buzz in your pocket. You took it out and looked at the screen.  

One New Message.

You opened the message. 

From: Zayn Malik
these guys are loudd. wanna walk down to the beach?

You lean back a little and nod at Zayn. You excuse yourself, and slip out the back door. You lean against the house, waiting for Zayn to come outside. A few minutes later, he slips out the door. "Sorry, Louis was holding me up." He laughed. Gah, you can't get over that beautiful laugh. You smile, "It's alright." He shoves his hands in his pockets and walks awhile. After a moment, he looks up at you.
"So, (Y/N), how is it that you're so close to the other boys, yet we've never talked?"
You shrug, "I don't know. You're so quiet!"
He grins, "Only until you get to know me."
You laugh, "Oh?"
"I can be just as loud as the others!"
You giggle, and the two of you walk quietly. When you reach the beach, you slip off your flip flops and so does Zayn. 
"It's so nice here! I used to not like it, because of the water." Zayn explains.
"You don't like water?"
"Nah. Can't swim."
He smiles. The two of you keep talking, about anything and everything. You talk for a long time, and by now you feel like you know him just as well as the other boys. When you look at him now, you don't see a stranger. You see a friend. But you also feel something else when you look at him. Face is hot, stomach filled with butterflies. A crush? You've only really known him for awhile. But still you can't shake the feeling. Zayn's voice brings you back to reality.
"Woah, it's been 3 hours already! The other guys are probably wondering where we are."
"We should head back."
And the two of you walk home together.
You lay in the guest room of the boy's house, thinking about your evening with Zayn. And his eyes. And his smile. You fall asleep wondering if he's thinking about you.

"Get up, get up, get out of your bed..." Zayn sings to the tune of "One Thing". He takes your blanket teasingly. "Breakfast!" He says. You moan, "I'll eat later..." 
"No you won't!" With that, he scoops you out of bed with ease and carries you downstairs. He sets you at the table, where the other boys have already started eating breakfast. Zayn passes you a plate of pancakes, and you poke at them groggily. 
"So what were you two doing for 3 hours yesterday?" Niall asks with a smirk. 
Zayn replies for you. Good thing, too. You're too tired to know what's going on. "At the beach."
The boys exchange happy looks. You're too tired to figure out why. For now, you'll just have to eat your pancakes.


A couple weeks have gone by since that first day at the beach with Zayn, and from then the two of you have made it a tradition to go there everyday. You're heading there now with him, and it seems impossible that there was a time when the two of you walked in silence and all conversations were awkward. Now, you're talking with ease and you know you can tell him anything. Anything except for that feeling you get whenever you see him. You don't know how to tell him that. As you arrive at the beach, you feel the sand between your toes as you find a place to sit down. Zayn sits down right next to you, his hand accidentally touching yours. He pulls it away quickly, but you wish he'd keep it there. You talk for a long time like you usually do, and run around the beach for awhile. Tired, the both of you sit down and sit in silence for awhile.
Zayn's voice pierces through the quiet evening, "So, have the boys told you yet?"
"Told me what?" You reply curiously.
His cheeks flush. You lock eyes with him and he leans forward, his face close to yours now.
You can feel his breath as he says, "Told you that I'm in love with you." You close your eyes and feel his lips press against yours.

First time writing one of these! It's pretty long, so I guess it's more of a story, but oh well! But anyway! Should I keep making these? Leave me some feedback! Thanks guys!:)xo