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New Sun In Suna [Gaara Love story~!] FINISHED!
Story published September 2, 2012 · updated February 19, 2013 · completed · 103 pages · 8,637 readers · 96,876 reads
Fake Return and Co
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Fake Return and Confession

Chapter 21

Akarui’s Thoughts P.O.V


Orochimaru P.O.V

This will work out as I planned, now that Akarui is my Ace card, I will bring down the leaf.

3rd P.O.V

As the single month passed and the 4th part of the Chunnin exams came, Yui and Zuoh returned to the Leaf village, but without their blonde 3rd member. They knew about Orochimaru's plans with their so-called relative, but could do nothing to stop Akarui's tortures, their just pawns for Orochimaru, just like everyone else. So to not arouse any suspicion, Orochimaru made a special clone of her to accompany the two ninjas without any problems. While the two ninjas arrived to the village with their friends clone, they were easily spotted by an awaiting red headed sand ninja who wished for the blonde to return. The images and voices have not left from his mind and now he only wished to speak to the main cause of the images. All the while the Kazekage of the Sand arrived as well accompanied by a mysterious feminine figure by his side. She only wore a short red kimono and a long white coat, her blonde hair in a short bun and her longish bangs covered her left eye which were concealed with bandages.

The womens’ blood red eyes looked soulless as she walked along side with the covered Kage, scaring anyone who dared to look into those deep hell forsaken eyes, and all without a single word. The Kage was led to the headstands in the stadium where the exams will be taking place. “Yondame, I see you’ve gain another head ninja.” Commented the Third Hokage as he lightly scanned over the quiet and unresponsive woman. “Yes, the others do not compare to this one’s wits and responsiveness.” Commented the Kazekage whom was not as he seemed. Slowly, people from all over began taking their seats at the stadium, most thrilled to see the planned fight of the Sand monster and Uchiha.

Gaara P.O.V

[When Yui and Zuoh enter with Clone Akarui]

Akarui! He’s finally here, now I will confront him about this. I appeared close to them and stared at them, something is off. “Oh Gaara, come to welcome us back~?” Akarui smiled and waved at me, but for some reason, my chest no longer is speeding up. No feeling at all, why? “Hn, no. I need to have a word with you.” I said keeping my eyes on him, this is very odd indeed. “Oh, alright. Yui, Zuoh, I’ll be right back.” He smiled lightly and nodded to his team members, they nodded in return and left without a word, which was also odd. “What do you need to speak to me about?” he asked and smiled at me. “I want to know what you think of me.” I said forwardly, I don’t care about me being “pushy”, I just need to know before I tell him my thoughts. “Well, you’re a really nice guy, you’re one of the special close friends to me.” He looked down a little; I narrowed my eyes at him. “Is that all?” I pushed and he shook his head. “And I really like you.” He added and my eyes widened slightly, why is it that I’ve been wanting to hear him say this, but I feel nothing. “I…….like you as well….Akarui.” I looked away as I confessed, its true…..I have a liking for him, but why do I feel as though this is surreal? “Really?! Thanks Gaara! Come on! Lets get going to the exams! We’re late already anyway!” He smiled and attempted to grab onto my hand then something unexpected happened, my sand blocked him. “Eh? Why’d you do that Gaara?” he pouted, I was in shock as well, my sand wouldn’t normally block his actions, I looked at him as he walked beside me. We ended up walking side-by-side silently to the exam stadium, he said his goodbye as we separated and he went up into the stands. I looked up towards the Kage’s stands and glared at the Kazekage, but something, no, someone caught my eye. My eyes widened seeing that woman, her soulless red eyes looking into nothing, just like Akarui in the image I’ve had of him. Suddenly, I felt my chest tighten and my chest skip a beat, who is that woman? Something is not right, and I will find out what, no matter what it takes to get over this pain in my chest. 

[A/N: :O What will Gaara do?! What's happened to Akarui?! Find out in the next chapter! So please look forward to it! I promise things will now be getting "interesting"~ Thanks for Reading~!]

I do NOT own any characters, pictures, or videos used in this story unless notified. Naruto and Vocaloid do NOT  belong to me HOWEVER the story itself is mine! Please comment, rate or follow! Thanks for reading~!