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You again? Sequel to A Trip that changed it all.
Story published September 2, 2012 · updated July 8, 2013 · 54 pages · 129,062 readers · 1,557,663 reads
Brittney Carter Ro
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Brittney Carter Rose

Hey there everyone! Do you remember me? Its been awhile. A few months! The boys have recorded their new album now, and are currently on tour. They've tried to stay in touch, But I didnt answer them, except for wishing Liam a Happy Birthday! I actually got a job as an assistent to some big company owner person.. I really dont know! All I know is I do stuff for him basically! I have my own apartment now, and I've decided to keep the baby. Or should I say babies. Thats right, Im having twins. Oh the joy! One boy, one girl! Im about 22 weeks pregnant now! Just about half way! Woo! Heres some more information to catch up on me!

 I'm Brittney Carter Rose. Im 17 years old, and I now Live in New York! I moved there and got the job as an assistant after I broke down on the road. I was homeless for a few days, but I finally figured out my life.  I moved here from America. (California to be exact) when I was about 2 years old, to Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. I then moved to my current location when I was 17!  My bestfriend(s)?  No one. It used to be Harry Styles, along with One Direction and their girlfriends, But I stopped contacting them after I left. They tried non stop, so I had to change my number!

 I still have blonde hair and blue eyes. I used to have 2 siblings. My little brother Johnny. He was 5 years younger me, with my blonde hair and my sisters green eyes. And I also had My sister, Lizzie. She was 2 years older then me, and also was my only other bestfriend. (Besides Harry) with  Brown hair, green eyes.  No one else in my school tended to really like me. They didnt all hate me, they just didnt want to be my friend either.But it was what it was, and Im happy now. 

No one knows How I got pregnant, or whos the father. I havent told a soul.

Birthday: December 30th

Height: 5'3

Favourite Colour: Rainbow

Favourite food: Italian

Likes: My Sister and brother., Shopping, The Beach, Hawaii, Reading, Watching T.V, Staying inside, Making others feel better, Singing for others.

Dislikes: Bullies, My mom, The driver who killed my siblings, Sympathy.

'If you live to be 100, I hope to live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you;* ~Winnie The Poo