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The Goonies. |Mikey Walsh Love Story |
Story published September 3, 2012 · updated February 26, 2013 · 12 pages · 1,579 readers · 10,265 reads
Claire Carmichael
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Claire Carmichael

Hi! :)

The name's Claire Carmichael, I'm 13-years-old.

Proud Goonie and yes, my sister is the most popular cheerleader in school, Andrea Carmichael.

Unlike her, I'm not a girly girl but neither I'm a tomboy. I'm somewhere in the middle.

Anyways, the guys call me 'Bubba' because I have a strange obsession with bubble gum... That and I'm hot... Just kidding! My favorite color is Orange and love listening to Cindy Lauper ♥

Gotta go! Buh-bye!