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Adopted by my idols Jeffree star and jayy von monroe (ON HOL
Story published September 4, 2012 · updated April 17, 2013 · 3 pages · 585 readers · 2,844 reads
1. meeting
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1. meeting

A/N i changed Hayleys name to Damien :)

Damiens P.O.V


I woke up to Eric shaking me so I looked up at him and signed


what do you want”


he then signed back


two guys are coming to see you in an hour so go get ready”


I got out of bed and went to the bathroom and teased my hair so it looked perfect then someone knocked on the door when I open it Eric stood there looking a little mad so I signed


whats wrong”


he signed back


you should have been down 15 minutes ago so come”


I then grabbed Erics hand and walked downstairs with him and saw Jayy Von Monroe and Jeffree star stand there then Eric said


Jayy, Jeffree here is Damien remember its her choose if she wants to get adopted by you”


then he left after helping me sit on the high chair then Jayy said


"we thought that it would be a good idea for you to live with us for a week so you know what its like to live with us but only if your alright with it"


"really" i wrote down


"really shall i tell Eric"




then Jayy got up leaving me and Jeffree alone 5 minutes later he got back with Eric and some papers i recognized as legal guardian papers then Eric got over and said


"are you gonna be alright with them" he signed to me


"yes Eric Bye" i signed


before running upstairs and packed the few items i have before going back downstairs to Jayy and Jeffree, they take my stuff out to there car where i got in the backseat before they drove of to my home for the next week 3 hours later we arrive outside a big ass mansion where we all get out of the car and I run up the front steps and stand there waiting for them to come open the door 2 minutes later they come and unlock the door as soon as I step inside I get lick attacked by a pink and a white dog so I bent down and pet there heads before going over to Jayy and Jeffree and hug both of of them before saying

thank you Jayy and Jeffree for wanting to adopt me” I wrote down in my notebook

then Jeffree said


you know its up to you right darling”


i do know it´s up to me but i´m scared know body ever wanted me before so why do you guys want me”


because you are like a mini me” Jeffree said


really” I said not louder than a whisper


then they both looked at me before attacking me with hugs and then Jayy said


let me show you to your room”


then we went up to the second floor and down the hallway and went trough the door it was amazing inside black walls aand carpets and posters of my favorite bands all over the walls then I turned around and Jayy was gone then I saw a little note saying


hi Damien you have to find all of us the first is found in a room with no bed in it Good Luck”


then I ran from room to room at the last door I heard a rustling so I open the door and look around the only thing in this room is a closet so I walked over there and found Andy Sixx sitting in there so I helped him out and he then said


your Damien right”


yes” I whispered


then Andy gave me another note saying that I could find six people in a room with mirrors then we ran to the bath room and I heard some whispering so I pulled the bath curtain away and saw Dahvie Vanity, Ronnie Radke, CC, Jake, Jinxx and Ashley Purdy when they where all out of the bath room Ronnie gave me another note saying to look in Jayys bedroom then we all ran and Ashley picked me up and ran to Jayys Bedroom with me over his shoulder when we got there I open the door and see Jeffree under the bed so I go over and pull him out by his leg then him and Jayy comes out from under the bed and hug me before giving me a note saying to look in a room with music things in it so we all ran to the music room and I slowly walked over to the door and open it finding the rest of the FIR boys, daddys friend Daniel and Escape the fate then we all go to the livingroom and watch Batman before we all pass out and I fall asleep thinking about everything theirs been happening around me today.