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One Direction #Imagines! :D
Story published September 4, 2012 · updated March 15, 2013 · completed · 9 pages · 55,571 readers · 171,226 reads
Niall Horan #Imagi
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Niall Horan #Imagine

        Your boss called you at about 6 a.m asking you to come into work for a few hours. You hung up, followed by a quiet “Ugh” and you gently shook Niall awake.
        “Nialler, Niiiiiiiiiaaaallleeeeerrr. Wake up babe!”
        “Ughhhh what is it (Y/N)?” he said, grumpy from waking up too early.
        “My boss called me in, I have to go in for a couple of hours. When I get back will you please have Emily bathed and dressed?”
        “Okaaay” he said rolling back over to go to sleep. About 2 hours later he was awakened by your 3 year old daughter                          “Daddy daddy get up! Where’s mommy???” she said as she jumped up and down, shaking his arm.
        “Oh goodness! Em what time is it!? Mommy went to work for a little while, I’ve got to get you dressed!” He said scooping up your daughter and running her to the bathroom. After he got the bath water nice and warm and your daughter undressed, he turned ready to put her in. But she stood there with her arms crossed and angry face plastered on. “I don’t wanna take a bath daddy!”
        “You’ve got to! Momma said so!”
        “NO!” she yelled in rebellion. With no success Niall had already picked her up and started to set her in the water. The second her foot touched the surface she screamed and curled her legs up
        “Em its just a bath! You don’t wanna be a stinky girl do ya? Water won’t hurt you, I promise!” He explained to her. She uncomfortably agreed and gave the water now surrounding her a stinch face. Niall went to grab the shampoo and again your daughter protested. She proceeded to argue with every step of the bath until she broke out into screams and sobs. Niall was tired of putting up with the tantrums and was trying everything to calm her down “Emily please!” He tried to compromise, talking over her wails.
        “If you stop crying I’ll, I-I’ll take you to Nando’s for dinner tonight!” When hearing this your daughter automatically shoots him a smile and jumps out to hug him in excitement. “Woah woah calm down there princess!” he said with a chuckle. “Lets just hurry and get you dressed”
        “Okay daddy” she gidily agreed. When you walked through the front door about a half hour later, you were surprised to see Emily snuggled up into your husbands chest, with his arms rapped protectively around her. They had passed out on the couch after the exhausting struggles in the bath tub. You walk over to Niall, being careful not to wake Emily.
        "Babe, Wake up. I am home." You whispered in his ear.
        "Huh?" He mumbled, his eyes opened slowly. "Emily is so rebellious, did you teach her it?" He had sarcasm in his voice.
        "Wow, now get up. What do you want for dinner?" You asked, already knowing the answer.
        "Nandos, please." He smiled, and fell back asleep on the couch.

HELLO! These are Imagines for you! Comment if you like them! :D