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When Dreams become Reality
Story published September 4, 2012 · updated October 11, 2012 · 20 pages · 242 readers · 1,331 reads
Roxanne Grace Port
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Roxanne Grace Porter

Name:  Roxanne Grace Porter

Age: 17

Hair color: blonde

Eye color: green/blue/grey

Favorite color: blue

Favorite T.V Show: Doctor Who

Favorite celebrity: David Tennant or Christopher Eccleston

Favorite food: Orange Chicken

Year: 2009

Personal info:

Hi, my name is Roxanne and I'm seventeen years old. I was born and raised in America, but then my parents died in a fatal car-crash. I was 12 and at home when it happened. The initial thought was that I was going to stay with my grandparents, but they had already been dead for a while, so that was out of the question. My father was an only child and my mom had but one sister, so I had to move all the way to England. There, I found the dirty secret about the mysteriously unknown Aunt Clarissa. She's a jerk. An abusive, terrible and horrible Aunt. She hurts me everyday, whether it be physical or with words. Since I've been living with her for four years, I've gotten somewhat used to her constant nagging. The bruises tend to go away; I've got tough skin. If not, then I just roll down my uniform sleeves and no one notices. 

Aside from the at home torture, school isn't the best either. I go to a Private School somewhere in the rolling hills of the United Kingdom. There, I'm tortured daily by Lucy, Agatha and Christie. They are the apparent 'popular girls' there. I'm considered an extremely smart geek and they just love to knock my books down or shove me into a locker. It's just like the movies... almost. 

So, I've got bullies day in and day out. But, the only way for me to avoid insanity is to watch my favorite show and reality get away -- Doctor Who. Since I live in England now, I had found it resourceful to look for something interesting to do when I'm not being screamed at. One day, after flipping through the channels, I stumbled upon the show. On it was a man and a girl, running around and trying not to get killed. I was hooked instantly. I began watching it more and more and becoming an even bigger fan. Right now, It's the tenth Doctor's run. He's played by David Tennant, a favorite actor of mine. Before him was Eccleston, whom I didn't really watch a lot of, but from the few episodes I've seen, I've fallen in love with his acting too.

That's basically my life in a nutshell. Wake up, get yelled at, eat breakfast, get yelled at, go to school, get tortured, come home, get yelled at, homework, get yelled at, dinner, get yelled at and then finally Doctor Who and bedtime. Clarissa is a fan of watching T.V in the main room, so I try to stay out of her hair when she's watching all of her other shows that she likes. I don't try to converse with the pig -- it's not worth it.
--All rights for Doctor Who and BBC do not belong to me. I'm just writing fan fiction.