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Who Would Have Guessed? *Niall Horan Love Story*FINISHED.
Story published September 5, 2012 · updated March 26, 2013 · completed · 433 pages · 170,568 readers · 5,479,922 reads
Paisley Styles
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Paisley Styles

Well hey there..
As you can see I'm Harry Styles sister...yeah the one from One Direction.
Harry is forcing me to go on tour with him because our parents are leaving for over a year and they don't want me to stay home alone. My life is ruined. You see my bully in Niall Horan, yes the little 'sweetheart' or as everyone thinks. Well let me just tell you that's far from the truth. Trust me I should know.
Well I'm 5'1. Yup. Very short.
I have brown hair and green eyes just like Harry.
I'm 17 years old.
I've cut for the past year because of everything that's been going on. I know I need to stop.
Well I basically put up a fake act that I'm happy all the time and everyone believes it. Great right? Oh well, guess I'm just a good actress.
Anyways you should know that I've been forced to date Niall so people don't expect anything.
He makes my life a living hell.
Well I'll stop depressing you now, hopefully things will get better. I always believe that things will get better in the end.
Bye for now.

(A/N: JUST SO GUYS KNOW I DON'T HATE NIALL. So please don't leave comments hating on me or asking if I hate Niall. I obviously wouldn't be writing a whole story on him if I did. ILOVENIALL.
N is for your never ending shower of horrible names you call me.

I is for the interesting things you always come up with to make my life hell.

A is for the abuse you put my through.

L is for all the lying.

Lis for the love that's always been hidden.


 <3 <3

Could you hurt me anymore?
Why do you have to be so mean?
I wish I never met you.
Why did you have to come into my life?
It's all because of you.