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Who Would Have Guessed? *Niall Horan Love Story*FINISHED.
Story published September 5, 2012 · updated March 26, 2013 · completed · 433 pages · 171,061 readers · 5,494,638 reads
Chapter 4
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Chapter 4

*Paisley's POV*

We pulled up to the hotel and my eyes instantly popped open wider staring at the huge building. It was easily fifty stories tall. It had blue glass windows, cream colored walls on the outside with blue shingles to match the windows and a water park/pool area outside. Could L.A. get any better? I jumped out of the car after we pulled to a stop and I heard the boys chuckling from the inside.

“You like it?” Paul asked opening the trunk grinning over at me.

"Like it? No. I love it!" I said cheerfully. For one I wasn't faking my happiness, I was actually really excited. I never knew this was part of the touring. I thought I was going to be stuck in the tour bus all day, sitting around reading books and watching movies over and over. Fun right? Not.

“Don’t worry about your bags, I’ll bring them up to your guys room in a while after we check out the hotel,” Paul told me pointing to the boys who were already walking slowly through the doors to the hotel. Gee, thanks for waiting guys.

Wait, we're sharing a room? The boys and I? Niall and I in the same room? No this couldn't be happening; I wouldn't be able to do that. I'll talk to Harry about it later, I pushed the thought from my mind and ran after the boys and quickly caught up to them. I thought I would have a little fun so I jumped onto Liam's back , wrapping my legs tightly around his waist, kicking Niall in the process. Niall glared over at me and I smirked back at him. Why should I be nice to him if he wasn't going to be nice to me? I know I was going to pay for kicking him later, but right now I could care less.

"Whoa there Paisley," Liam chuckled gripping my thighs tightly so I wouldn't fall. After we had checked in Louis grabbed the key and ran over to the elevator, us on his tail and we hopped in after him. He pressed the button with the number forty-three printed onto it but it was fading away slightly from everyon pressing it.

I rested my head onto Liam’s shoulder as he stepped out of the elevator and started following behind Louis to our room. When we reached the door, Louis slid the key in and opened the door, revealing the biggest hotel room I had ever seen. I’m pretty sure my jaw was on the floor right now as Liam walked in and sighed lightly.

“Awh man! We got a chick room!” Louis whined going over to sit and pout on the couch.

"It's not that bad Lou," Harry said rubbing his shoulder causing me to laugh and everyone joined in with. I jumped off of Liam's back and walking out to the balcony to get a good look at our view. I stepped outside and saw the most gorgeous view ever. It was of the beach and the sun was setting slightly. It looked like there was a party going on down at the beach and it looked like a ton of fun. I'd have to convince Harry to let me go later.

I heard someone step outside and walk up next to me. I looked over to my left and saw Niall standing there looking out like I was.

“Try and hurt me again and I swear to god you’re going to wish you never met me,” he growled gripping my arm tightly and I felt the blood starting to pound trying to get through my veins at his tight grip. His eyes we’re piercing into mine like he was wishing he could do something to me right now.

“Too bad that’s already true,” I smirked glaring back up at him.

"Good," he sneered and pushed me back into the chair that was behind me and he stalked back into the hotel room leaving me there with my arm tingling from my blood trying to get back to it's normal pattern. Tears pricked into my eyes from the pain of the impact as I stood up and walked inside and headed straight to the bedroom. No one noticed me because they were too busy trying to figure out how to get the Twitcam to work.

I shut the door quietly behind me and sat down on the toilet and put my head into my hands and the sobs soon raked my body. Why was it me that he chose to hate? I didn't do anything! I wanted answers but I knew I would never get them.

I'm so pathetic. Why was I letting him get into my head? I looked around the huge bathroom and my eyes stopped when they landed on a razor that was set on the tub's edge. I walked over to the tub and grabbed the razor, tearing off the handle and pulling out the blades.

Paisley, don’t do this to yourself.’  My head told me but my hand had different ideas. I tugged at my shirts hem and pulled it off along with my sweats and underwear before sitting in the tub. I looked at the row of scars that were already burned into my skin for life.

Slowly, I brought the blade up to my skin and pushed it in, breaking the skin and dug it across making it about an inch long. My tears never stopped but they soon started flowing down my cheeks at a fast rate from the pain of the blade. I sighed in relief as the blood started dripping down my side; I hadn't cut in a while now, probably four months. I forgot how pain relieving it was.

I smiled slightly as I brought the blade back up to my hip, sliding it across, separating the skin and blood started oozing out of it creating a river of blood falling freely from the cut. It started pudiling up from where it fell on the tiled tub as it slid aimlessly down and into the drain.

The blood slid down at a fast pace as I thought about the cut. What had I done? I made a pact with Harry that I would stop and now I've broken it.

Feeling disgusted in myself I threw the blade across the room in anger and started sobbing again.

A sharp knocking at the door interrupting me from my thoughts as Zayn’s voice traveled through the door.

"Pay? You in there?"

"Uh, yeah. Hang on," I called out to him and I rose from the tub and my blood started sliding down my leg, leaving a warm trail behind it.

I grabbed the roll of toilet paper and pushed it against my cuts as I slid on my underwear. Shooting pain came rising out of my hip as I put more weight on my side. Whimpering I stepped out of the tub and collapsed to the floor.

“Paisley?” Zayn called again but this time in a whisper. I heard the door knob turn and Zayn appeared in the room, horror and confusion scrawled across his features. He shut the door quickly and came running to my side.

Blood was leaking through the toilet paper and his eyes widened as he followed the trail of blood on my leg and into the bathtub.

"Paisley, what have you done?"
N is for your never ending shower of horrible names you call me.

I is for the interesting things you always come up with to make my life hell.

A is for the abuse you put my through.

L is for all the lying.

Lis for the love that's always been hidden.


 <3 <3

Could you hurt me anymore?
Why do you have to be so mean?
I wish I never met you.
Why did you have to come into my life?
It's all because of you.