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It All Started With A Kiss
Story published September 6, 2012 · updated August 24, 2013 · 563 pages · 963 readers · 12,791 reads
NXT Season 3 &
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NXT Season 3 & Pool

It got closer to 9 pm and we're all still hanging out in the room.

"Well NXT season 3 is about to start. I just want to find out what this is all about."

"I don't think I can watch it, It's not as good if Mike isn't a WWE pro. Let's go back to the room Mike."

"Awe okay Aly, talk to you later?" I ask.

"Yeah sure."

Aly and Mike get up and leave and head back to his room, while NXT starts Alex and I sit back and watch it. It starts and some pretty catchy music starts playing and I start dancing along to it. That's when Alex raises his eyebrow and a little smirk forms on his face.

"What?" I ask.

"Nothing. By all means continue." He says acting innocent.

"Well I can't now, the show started."

"Rain check?" He asks.

"Haha sure."

Then the show starts.

"Welcome to Season 3 of WWE NXT!" Michael Cole says.

"Ugh Captain Obvious."

I didn't want to pay attention to Michael Cole.

"Hey look, it's the nerd!" I say pointing out Matt Striker.

"NERRRRD!" Alex says, and I laugh.

"Nerd? WHERE?" Aly exclaims walking back in.

"Oh him. Damn. Thought it would be someone entertaining." Aly says then walking back to Mike's room. Matt then said something about the WWE Pros.

"Kelly Kelly!"

"Let me introduce to you my rookie diva. She's sassy, fun and feisty, here's Naomi!"

"Wow, what up with the outfit?" I say being shocked.

"Brie and Nikki, the Bella Twins!" Matt says next.

"Last season you saw our rookie diva do her thing on the mic, and this season you're going to see her do her thing in the ring. She's super talented and she has the tightest body you've ever seen. So let's hear it for Jamie!"

"Wow, I think she's way too skinny. She's got the muscle but wow." I point out.

"Primo!" Matt says next.

"Oh my god, this guy?" I ask.

"Wasn't he with his brother Carlito?" Alex asks.

"Yeah, but I haven't even seen him wrestle much, then again he's on Smackdown and I don't watch that."

"My rookie diva, she's like a firecracker. She's small, but she'll light you up and look so good.

Give it up for my girl, A.J."

"Alicia Fox!"

"Oh no! Aly hates her!"

Aly then bursts in again.

"Ewwwww! God I hate her. Almost as much as I hate Frenchie!" she says then leaving.

"Is she going to do this all night?" Alex asks.

"I have no idea."

We missed Alicia announce her rookie, but oh well.


"WWE Universe and all my golden ones let me premiere you with your next breakout star...Aksana."

"Wow, Aksana? I remember her from my FCW days." Alex points out.

"Excuse me!" I hear Vickie's voice.

"Oh god, here we go." I say.

"Excuse me! For those of you that may not know, last week I fired my rookie diva Aloisa. Aloisa had to learn the hard way...excuse me! She has to learn the hard way that she may be taller than me, but she will never ever be bigger than me. And now that she's out of the way, I am here to introduce to you my brand new rookie diva and she is almost, almost as pretty as I am. Ladies and gentlemen, Kaitlyn!"

"You know Carly, you should've been inducted into this."

"Haha, you wish I was."

"That I do."

Matt starts talking again.

"Rookie divas, pros welcome. Now I must tell you, you have a long 3 month journey ahead of you that will end with a happy ending for only one of you. Being a WWE diva is one of the greatest achievements that one can earn in all of entertainment. Diva's are smart, they are sexy and they are powerful. And each one of you will be tested on all three of those medals as the competition goes on. But what I'd like to do now is to give the WWE Universe and opportunity to meet you. Because as you know, you will be judged. 50% of the votes come from your pros, and 50% comes from the WWE Universe! With that said, it's time to meet the rookie divas. Kaitlyn please step forward. I want you to take about 30 or 45 seconds to tell the universe who you are."

"You're so handsome."

"Ugh I don't want to listen to this."

I totally didn't pay any attention to any of the rookie divas talking. Especially Aksana, talk about broken English. Time to take an English speaking course.

"Vickie is a control freak, WOW."

"Okay Aksana is pretty and all, but come one speak English better. And word of advice don't talk in 3rd person."

We sit there and watch the rest of the rookies tell the WWE universe about themselves.

"Okay the rookie divas are certainly smart, sexy and powerful. And that will be put to the test, because coming up next our first NXT rookie challenge!"

The theme music for this season plays again as it heads to commercial.

"Don't get any ideas on me dancing to the song Alex."

"Wasn't going to ask."

"Uh huh, sure."

The commercial break ends and comes back to the first rookie challenge of the night.

"Okay, it is time for our first rookie diva challenge. Ladies you want to make a good first impression so it's important to win this challenge, but there is one other reason. We're going to have our first elimination in 4 weeks time. Whichever diva rookie wins the most challenges, will be immune from elimination in 4 weeks time. So with that said it's time to put your best foot forward, we are going to have a diva dance challenge! Judging you on your dance moves will be the live audience here in Baltimore! Naomi please step forward. You know before we start, I think you need someone to dance with. How about Michael Cole ladies and gentlemen? Michael Cole!"

"Captain Obvious." I add.

"Michael is an exceptional ballroom dancer. Nice leg warmers Jennifer Biel." Matt says as we see Michael Cole wearing red leggings and ballet slippers.

I burst out laughing.

"Oh my god! Nerd!" I exclaim.

"Maybe someone should hold the ropes for you. You look like Big Bully Busick in that hat, good job. I do. Okay, let me give you the rules before you...hang on a second Fred Astaire, hold on. You have 30 seconds to impress the WWE Universe, are you ready? Set? Start the music, go!"

I burst out laughing at captain obvious and his dancing.

"Nerd." Alex says.

"Okay okay, thank you. You look like Clark Griswold from European Vacation. You look like need a break. Why don't you have a seat? AJ step forward. You need a dance partner AJ."

After they all danced, Matt asked about each one of them even captain obvious haha.

"Michael Cole, how did Michael Cole do as a dancer? Not as an announcer as a dancer."

The WWE Universe chose Naomi as the winner. In all honestly I think they all did bad.

"I would've done a better job dancing than them."

"I agree with you there, after what I saw from you the past few times in the clubs and a while ago, you're much better than them."

The rest of the night, was basically boring, another challenge was issued to the rookies. It was like a capture the flag type of challenge and Naomi won again. The show soon ended and regular programming came on.

"Well that was interesting."

"Very. So what do you want to do now?"

"I don't know it's after 11 at night. Indoor pool?"

"Good idea."

"I'll go tell Aly and Mike, then I'll get ready."

I walk next door to Mike's room and knock on it.

"Hey Carly what's up?" Aly says answering the door.

"Alex and I are heading down to the pool since NXT is over. Want to come?" I ask her.

"Sounds good to me." Aly says, then looking over at Mike and laughs at the look on his face.

"I guess I don't even need to ask if you're going." she says to Mike.

"We'll be right down, I can see Mike's going to rush me."

"Haha alright." I say walking back into the room, and what I see just makes me stop and stare.

Wow, he has a tattoo? Why haven't I seen this before?

"Hey Alex? When did you get that tattoo on your back?"

"Oh that old thing? I've had it for a while, even when I was back in FCW."

"Oh I see, well just let me get ready and then we can meet Aly and Mike down at the pool.

He's in such a rush, you should've seen his face when I asked Aly if she and him wanted to go."

I head into the bathroom and get ready, then we head down to the pool and meet Aly and Mike there. They stand there as we take the clothes we had on over our swimsuits off. We turn around and they're just like in awe.

"Guys, you're drooling." I say.

Then Aly pushes Mike's chin up.

"Flies babe. Flies." she says.

"So what do you want to use first Aly? Pool or hot tub?"

"Pool, the hot tub can be for warming up and being lazy."

"Pool it is then."

All three of them then jump in but I'm sitting on the side because I don't want to jump in. Aly comes over and tries to pull me in.

"You're getting in this water."

"I will, don't worry."


I hold on as long as I can, but then I look over and there's Alex all well you know. But I got distracted and next thing I know I'm in the water. All three of them laugh.

"You got distracted."

"Not my fault."

"Actually it is. But you're in the water now, have fun."

After swimming for a long time, I started feeling tired and I mean really tired. I swam to one of the corners and just sat there for a while, until Alex came up to me.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, just a bit tired of swimming. It really tires me out."

"You wanna head back up to the room?"

"No I'm good, it's not like I'm going to pass out in the water or anything. I can stay awake."

After swimming we all got into the hot tub to relax after all that swimming and everything.

"This feels so much better." I say.

"Don't fall asleep now." Aly says.

"I'll try not to."

But little did I know, I did end up passing out in the hot tub. That's when we all decided to call it a night and head to bed.