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Blind (a creepypasta story)
Story published September 9, 2012 · updated May 12, 2013 · completed · 37 pages · 3,989 readers · 26,457 reads
CH#3... Uboa.
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CH#3... Uboa.

It had been a few days since I was 'adopted' into slenderman's household, and Uboa was coming to discuss something with Slenderman. I honestly don't know what they could possibly want to discuss, but I didn't ask. Uboa stepped through the door, mask-like face blanking her of any expression. In a strange way, she was beautiful, and I felt slightly in awe of her presence. Slenderman nodded his head as she walked into the threshold, and they left to talk alone. Jeff glared at me from the other side of the room, then beconed me over. I went to his side.

"Be careful not to touch Uboa... Slendy might get upset if his little pet was trapped in an endless dream, don't you think?"

I smiled, glad that he was even showing slight concern for my wellbeing. He usually acted as if he completely despised me. Well, the fact that he was referring to me as 'Slendy's pet' means that he still didn't like me, but I was still happy that he warned me about Uboa. Slenderman and Uboa left the room and Slenderman introduced Uboa to me, and she held out a hand for me to shake. I looked to Jeff for help, and he threw me a pair of gloves. I put them on.

"I'm shorry if dis sheems dishreshpectful..."

Uboa seemed to smile, even though her mask didn't show it, and she held out her hand again. I shook it, taking care that the gloves didn't slip down, seeing as they were... a bit big. Okay, they were massive. Maybe they belonged to Slenderman.

"I'm sure it's fine to be cautious."

She said, dipping her head in a small bow. I did the same, careful not to bash into her. She gently released my hand, turning to leave, then waving goodbye. I smiled and waved back, just in case she could still see me. I gently peeled off the gloves, looking at them properly. Yes, they were the right size for Slenderman, But they were made of satin, which was not something that Slenderman would wear. I felt slightly confused. Slenderman walked over.

"Ah.... Those are from a long time ago..."

I tilted my head up towards the big guy, still confused, but deciding not to ask. His voice was heavy with sad memories, and I did not want to bring them back, as it would only upset him... and probably me too. I was becoming kinda attatched to these two, even though Jeff seemed to hate me. I didn't mind. Slenderman shook his head slightly, as if to remove the memories, then clapped his hands twice.

"Shiro, I have a job for you."

I nodded for him to continue, a small smile on my face.

"I need you to travel to the other side of Virginia to give a message to Masky and Hoody. They should be easy enough to find, but they may try to kill you, so show them this."

He held up a piece of paper, and I ran my hand down it. It was a circle with a cross through it. Simple enough. Then he handed me an envelope.

"Do not read it, do you understand?"

I nodded, smiling wider. He nodded back and showed me a map.

"That road there, the one that stops in a dead end... go past the dead end and keep walking in that direction untill you find their base. Understood?"

I nodded, and he gave me the map, marked with the same symbol as the one on the note. He took me on his shoulders and we teleported to the edge of the forest. He put me down gently, and I smiled.

"It may take me a while, but I'll be back~ You can be shure of dat~!"

He nodded, and I grinned, waving goodbye. I turned, walking towards civilisation with a heavy heart. I used to live along one of the roads between here and there, and if I bumped into my step-father, or the police.... I took off my blindfold, slipping it into my pocket. No... My step-father would still recognise me.... I 'looked' at the ground, my eyes automatically seeming like anyone else's. After all, none of the actual muscles were broken or anything. I think. I started walking, worried that I would seem suspicious wearing no shoes and holding an envelope. Although, it was thicker, more package-like than envelope-like. Which would seem even more suspicious. Hm. I reached a road, pausing to check for cars before crossing. I continued walking until I reached another road. This one was bare and empty, and I almost crossed, but I stopped myself. There was a car not far off, and I could sense that there was only one person in it. Uboa. I smiled, and waited for her to reach me.