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One Direction Preferences
Story published September 11, 2012 · updated March 31, 2013 · 46 pages · 50,871 readers · 225,066 reads
He cheats, and tri
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He cheats, and tries to win you back over.


Niall: "Bye, Nialler. Love you!" you said to your boyfriend Niall as you were about to head out the door to meet up with your best friends for a dinner out. "Bye (Y/N)! Love you too," he replied. You grabbed your clutch and headed out the door. You came home 2 hours later. When you pulled into the driveway, the house looked like a mess on the outside. Bottles scattered over the lawn, trash everywhere, toilet paper hanging in the trees. "Niall Horan, what is this?!" you yelled as you barged through the door but immediately stopped when you saw him. Laying on then couch. Making out with some girl. And the inside of the house looked just as bad as the outside. "Niall?!" you chocked out, tears threatening to fall down your face. He looked up nonchalantly but when he saw you a look of guilt and pain washed over him. "(Y/N), this isn't what you think, I promise. I-" he started. "Save it. And get out. Get out of my house, right now!" you said harshly. "Don't you mean our house?" he asked. "No, I don't. Now leave," you yelled. That other chick was already gone, so you didn't have to worry about yelling at her to leave. "Princess, you need to think abou-" he started saying. "No, Niall! There's nothing to think about! Just leave!"He grabbed a jacket and a small bag of stuff, and left. You didn't know where, and honestly didn't care right now. He had hurt you so badly and you just wanted him away from you. You weren't dare going to cry in front of him so as soon as he left, you changed into comfy clothes and buried your face in your pillow. And cried and cried. You woke up the next morning feeling a little better but now instead of sadness it was just anger. You lazily walked downstairs to get some breakfast when you checked your phone. 26 missed calls. 17 texts. Mostly from Niall but a few from Liam. You deleted the ones from Niall without listening to the voice mails, but listened to the ones from Liam. "Hey (Y/N) it's Liam. What happened? Niall's a wreck, he won't eat or sleep or anything but sit in the corner in a daze. Call me back please!" Then it ended. You called Liam, and he didn't answer. He called back a minute later and you answered. "Hey, Liam-" you started. "(Y/N)?! Please just listen to me. Hear me out, please." Niall pleaded. You could tell he had been crying. You didn't reply, but let him go on. "Are you there? Umm, ok. I need you to know how sorry I am. I'm such an idiot and I don't know why I would do that. I was drunk and couldn't even think straight, I guess. But these past 2 days have been absolutely terrible without you. I know you will probably not get back with me, but I need you. I- I need you back, because you complete me, and I'm sorry I took that for granted," he said. By now tears, were streaming down your face. "(Y/N)? Are you there?" Niall choked out. "Y-yes," you managed to say. You wanted to hang up so badly, but you knew he was right. There was something keeping you here. With him. "I love you, Niall," you said. "I love you too. Can I come home?" he asked. "Please," you said, wiping away the tears. He embraced you in his arms as soon as he stepped through the door, tears falling down our faces.

Louis: Ding-dong. You set down your magazine and walked to the door of your apartment, looking through the peep-hole to see who it was. The delivery man, Matt, with another bouquet of flowers and chocolates. "(Y/N), hey," he said. You two were on a first-name basis now because he's seen you enough in the past 2 weeks with boxes and gifts to deliver to you to know who you are. "Another package from Mr. Tomlinson," he said handing it to you. "You really should just stop wasting your time bringing these to me and just throw them in the dump," you said. He chuckled and you two said your goodbyes. As soon as you walked into your apartment, you threw the box to the side with the rest of them and went back to your magazine. You phone started ringing and you answered before checking the caller I.D. Bad idea. "Hello?" you answered. "(Y/N)?! Hi, it's  Lou," he said. "What do you want?" you said angrily into the phone. "I just wanted to know if you got your chocolates and flowers.." he said. "Yes, Lou, I did get your 5 millionth box of chocolates and flower bouquet. Anything else?" you said. "Why do you hate me?" he asked. You quickly felt a pang of guilt but it washed away when you remembered what he did to you. He had gotten got drunk and had sex with some chick at a club. "I- I don't. I just think I deserve better than a cheating liar," you said. "Is that what you think of me?" he asked, his voice sounding sad. "Well, you lied to me and cheated, so it only makes sense," you said. "(Y/N), you know how much I regret that. I never should've gone there or done that, and you will never understand how sorry I am," he said. "You're right, I don't think I'll ever understand why you would do that," you said. He was silent for a moment, then said something. "I will make it up to you. Prove to you how much you mean to me," he said. "Well chocolates and flowers won't prove anything," you said. "Just wait and see," he said, then the line went dead. You set down your phone in annoyance and spent the rest of the day watching movies and snacking on junk food. You heard a faint noise outside and ignored it, but it got louder. You walked to the window and pulled back the curtain, your mouth dropping in shock from what you saw. Louis standing in the grass. A huge banner reading "I'm so sorry". A plane flying by with a banner following behind it saying "Forgive me?". Candles and flower petals scattered on the ground. A microphone is his hands as he sings "Gotta Be You". You ran outside and walked near him. he finished the song and walked over to you. "(Y/N), I'm so so sorry. I can't believe I ever did that and I should'nt have thought that flowers would make up for it. You deserve someone so much better, and I'm willing to be that person for you, because I love you so much," he said. You stared into his eyes and you knew it. You could tell he was being 100% honest, and you ran into his arms, accepting his apology.

Harry: "No, Harry! I'm done! I don't wanna deal with your crap anymore!" you yelled, slamming the bedroom door in your's and Harry's flat  behind you. "(Y/N), you're being ridiculous!" he said. "You have got to be kidding me! How am I being ridiculous?? I walked in on you and my friend in bed, how did you think I would react?!" you yelled. He probably started saying something else, but you put your headphones in to drown him out. You hadn't realized you had fallen asleep until you awoke at midnight. You pulled your ear buds out and left the room to get some water. On the way back, you heard a faint noise from outside. Your curiosity got the best of you and you headed towards the patio door. You moved a small part of the curtain aside and peeked out. You saw Harry, scribbling something down on a notepad and singing. He seemed to be frustrated. Just looking at him made you so mad that you just went back upstairs to bed to get away. You noticed a few texts from your 'friend' who you caught with Harry and quickly deleted them. You tried to fall asleep, but as you were closing your eyes, you heard banging on the door. You wandered downstairs to see Harry knocking on the back door, locked out. His eyes lit up a little when he saw you. "Please?" he mouthed. You stood there for a moment contemplating it. You definitely did not want to let him in, but when you saw him like that, your heart hurt. Or maybe that was just from what he did. You saw the padded porch swing and decided he would be fine out there, so you turned and walked back up to bed. You awoke in the morning and went downstairs to get some breakfast. You made some pancakes then flipped the T.V. on and watched the morning news. After you ate, you put your dishes back in the sink and were about to go back upstairs to get a shower when you saw something on the kitchen window. You walked back over and saw a piece of paper taped on the outside of the window. It had a drawing and said "January 6, 2010". They day you two met. The drawing was of you and Harry talking at the party you met at. There was an arrow beside it pointing to the right. You looked over and saw another paper on the next window. This one said "April 20, 2010". Your first date. A drawing of you and Harry at your favorite restaurant was underneath the date. Another arrow was beside it. You kept moving through the house, looking through this timeline of your relationship with Harry he must have made last night. He had a drawing for everything, and had all the dates to go along with it. Drawings of your first kiss, when you two became boyfriend and girlfriend, birthday parties, everything. By now, tears were cascading down your cheeks. You came to the one about when he cheated on you. He had a drawing 0f himself and a caption that read "Biggest mistake of my life". You went to the next window. But there was no picture. Instead, Harry stood there  holding the last paper which read "Forgive me?". You sprinted out the back porch door and collided with him, jumping into his arms. "Yes, Harry. I forgive you," you said and he kissed you lips then cheek, rubbing your back and embracing you.

Zayn: "Hey, babe, I'm home," you called out as you entered through the door after work. He didn't answer so you walked into the kitchen and set your purse down on the granite counter top. You saw a few broken beer bottles on the ground. You picked up the one that was still in one piece and took it with you to ask him what this was all bout. You saw his head when you walked past the back porch window and walked out there. But what you didn't see from inside was the girl with him, who had Zayn's lips all over her neck. You dropped the bottle in shock and it shattered in a million pieces along with your heart. The crash had made Zayn shoot his head up and look at you. His eyes immediately looked guilty and shamed when he saw you. "Zayn, what are you doing?!" you yelled. "(Y/N), babe I promise it's not what it looks like," he said. "Don't call me babe. And you, get out!" you yelled, pointing at the girl. She got up and ran away. You looked at him and shook your head. "You're disgusting, I didn't think you were like this, Zayn. But I guess I was wrong," you said. You turned to walk away. "(Y/N) wait!" he yelled. But you ignored him. For the rest of the night. And the rest of the week. He had gone and stayed with someone, but you didn't bother to know. And what made you so mad, what you hated about him the most, was that even through all this, he still made you love him. And that was killing you. As much as you didn't want to ever hear him speak again, you knew you would die without being beside him again. And as much as you hated every ounce if him, you loved every ounce of him even more. So deciding to answer his call was tough, but part of you needed to hear him. Just once. "(Y/N)?" he shakily said into the phone. "Y-yes?" you said. "I-uh, I-I just wanted to say I'm so sorry, that was the worst thing I've ever done to anybody and I understand we can't be together again but I just want you to know how much I will always love you," he said. You wanted to reply, to say something, anything. But you couldn't. Your voice closed up and you couldn't get anything out. So he hung up and you were left standing there, frozen. Until the doorbell rang a few minutes later. You opened it to see Zayn standing there. "Z-Zayn, why are you here?" you asked. "Just getting my last few things," he says hesitantly, like he wants you to stop him and tell him he can stay and everything will be alright. "Can we talk?" he asked. You nodded and sat down with him on the couch. "Do you think we can work this out?" he asked. You sighed. "Zayn, you don't understand how badly I want things to go back to how they were before. But it will never be like that again. I-I just can't trust you like I did before. I'll always be afraid that something like that will happen again, and you'll leave me heartbroken for the second time," you said. "But at the same time, I don't think I can go on without you anymore. But you need to prove that I can trust you," you said. "I will, I promise, (Y/N). I promise," he said wrapping his arms around you and you sunk into them.

Liam: Liam had just heard news about his second kidney working again a few weeks ago, and since then, he's been out a lot. He's been fine every time, so you weren't worried when he said he was going out with the lads tonight. Halfway through your dinner, you got a text from Niall that said: You might wanna check this out...    A picture was attached. Confused you opened it, and you were shocked at what you saw. Liam kissing another girl. You threw down the phone in anger and at that moment, Liam walked through the door, looking distressed with his puffy eyes. "Really Liam?!" you asked, very mad. "(Y/N), I'm so sorry. I drank too much and I wasn't thinking clearly, and-" you cut him off. "Well, whatever happened, you still did it, and you can't take that back," you said sternly. He looked so guilty and full of pain, so you turned your head away before you started crying too. "Please, just go," you said, still not looking at him. You heard his feet shuffling, and then the door closed and you looked up, knowing he was now gone. You finally let out your pain as the tears streamed down your face. You ran to your room and fell asleep, hoping your dreams would be better than this. The next day when it was almost dinner time, your best friend texted you, so she must have seen pictures of Liam and that girl online. She said she was coming over to meet you and she was in your backyard, so you went out there, but were surprised when you saw something else. Liam. In the middle of a big white blanket laid out on the ground with picnic baskets. Rose petals and candles were scattered along the ground. The petals spelled out the words "I'm so sorry. Forgive me, love?". You stared at him in awe. You slowly walked over to him and he set down the bouquet of flowers  he had gotten for you and took you in his arms. "(Y/N), I love you so much," he said. "I know, I love you too. But please never do that to me again," you said. "I never will. Never," he said, kissing your temples as you swayed back and forth in each other's arms.

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