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How Did This Happen? (Ronnie Radke Love Story)
Story published September 12, 2012 · updated January 26, 2013 · 41 pages · 597 readers · 7,176 reads
Chapter 11
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Chapter 11

***Melody's POV***

Me and Bayli were both getting ready because Ronnie called and asked if we wanted to go on a double date. We were going to the beach, :p I just think Jacky and Ronnie wanna see use in bikinis XP 

                                                                                                      Bayli's Bikini

                                                                                                                   My Bikini

"Well, don't we look attractive." I said looking at both of up in the mirror, "Yes, yes we do." She said, we both laughed then put some jean shorts on over our bottoms. Ronnie called and said they were outside. We grabbed our bags and left. "Hi ya!" Bayli said sitting in the back next to Jacky and I got in the front next to Ronnie, "Hi there." Jacky replied, "What's up cutie?" Ronnie asked me when I got in, "Just hanging out with Bayli." I said, "How about you?" I asked, "Same." He said, "Wait. You were hanging out with Baylibugg too?" I asked, Ronnie rolled his eyes, "I meant I was hanging out with Jacky." He said, "Oh....That makes a LOT more sense." I said, "Does it really?" He asked, pulling out Bayli's drive way, "Hey don't get a smartass with me now." I said, and everyone laughed, "Yeah, I'll kick your ass." Bayli said and everyone laughed again. "You really don't want to say you got beat up by a girl, now do ya?" She asked, "Not really." Ronnie said, "Ok then." She said and I giggled. 
We got out of Ronnie's car and me and Bayli took off running down the beach, sooner or later we were tackled to the ground by Jacky and Ronnie, me and Bayli couldn't laughing, it wasn't even that funny, we just couldn't stop, it was so bad, we were crying because of laughing so hard. Ronnie started laughing at us then Jacky joined in. "Guys, it wasn't even that funny, why are you laughing so hard?" Jacky asked, "I don-don't k-know." I said trying to calm my laughter. We finally stopped laughing. I kissed Ronnie on the cheek. Then he picked me up and ran to the end of the pier, I was holding on to Ronnie for dear life, "Ronnie! Put me down!" I yelled, "Ok." He said and dropped me in the water. God he pisses my off sometimes. 

***Bayli's POV***

I watched Ronnie throw Melody in the water, I knew she wasn't to happy about that. I giggled at her scream when she hit the cold water. Jacky smirked evilly at me, and I knew what he was gonna do, so I took off running, he followed closely behind me, I started screaming and everyone started staring at me, I kept running but I knew I wasn't able to out run him. He grabbed me by my waist and threw me in the water too, and jumped in after me. I looked into his eyes, we slowly started leaning in, I knew what was going to happen, but I wasn't going to stop it. We kissed, and it was amazing, no, it was more then that, it was perfect. I really don't want this moment to end.
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