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I Don't Bow To Crowns (A Legolas Love Story) *Completed*
Story published September 13, 2012 · updated 7 months ago · completed · 242 pages · 29,362 readers · 549,794 reads
I bow to no titels
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I bow to no titels

"Tala, stop. It's not too late to cancel the duel. You don't have to do this."
Aragorn was trying to stop Tala as she was running to her room. She either didn't hear him or didn't want to hear him. In her room, she went straight over to a small chest under the bed. It contained the most dearest items in her life: a pair of daggers that is father put with her when she was left in the woods. The daggers were simple, it had a black handle with silver lines. But the blades were still razor sharp.
Tala took  a dagger in each hand and went out of the room. Furious, she walked towards the field. She wasn't looking where she was going so she kinda ran into someone and fell. She didn't even bother to look up when she heard that silky voice
"Mankoi lle uma tanya?" (Why did you do that?)
Tala stood up, brushed the dust off of her and anwered
"Because I have my pride and he won't take it away."
"But do you know even how to fight?!"
"Well, you just have to wait and see. By the way, if they start to bet on who would win, I recommend to bet on me, if you want to win."
With that, Tala left a worried elf behind.
When she arrived at the field, quite the audience had cathered. She saw the hobbits, Gimli, Gandalf and even Elrond. Her brother and Legolas came in after Tala. Boromir was already there, he came over to Tala and said
"You still have time to back down. I don't want to fight a woman."
"Shall we start?"
Boromir was a bit suprised at that response but followed Tala to the centre of the field. He took out his sword as Tala was spinning her daggers. Boromir said, a little mockingly
"I promise, I will go easy on you."
Tala ignored his remark and said to Elrond
"Will you do the honor, Elrond?"
"Fine. I wish to see a clean duel. No faking. And let the duel begin!"
Tala stopped spinning her daggers, pressed the blades near her arm and waited for Boromir to make the first move. But he just stood there, his sword lifted and a smug look on his face. He said
"Do you even know who I am? If you bow to me, I might cancel this duel that you started."
"Sorry, but I have my pride to keep. Oh, by the way, I bow to no titles!"
That set Boromir off and he charged towards Tala. 'He's holding it back.' thought Tala as she dodged a light swing of the sword by doing a perfect backflip. Boromir was suprised by that but recovered quickly and attacked again, this time the swing was harder.  But Tala saw it coming. She put her daggers in a x-shape and stopped the sword easlily. Her opponent was taken back by it. He lifted his sword and aimed for the stomach.
'What a cheesy move.' Tala did a quick back handspring, knocking Boromir's sword ot of his hand in the progress. He then knew that he wasn't up against some silly little farm girl. He took his sword off from the ground and charged again, this time with full power. He tried to hit her from the right, but Tala blocked it. He then attacked from the left. That was blocked too.
'This is getting boring.' Thought Tala as she dodged yet another sword swing. She decided it was her time to shine. She swung one of her blades towards Boromir's chest from the left. Then followed a swing from the right. Boromir did block those, but  with difficulty because they were lightning fast. Swing from the left, right, towards his stomach, near the neck. He had never seen any man nor woman fight like this. The swings of her daggers were never unnecessary. All of them were fast, strong and aimed perfectly.
As Tala and Boromir were fighting, the audience was silently betting on who would win the fight. Gimli, Frodo, Sam and Merry were betting on Boromir. But Pippin, Aragorn and Legolas were betting on Tala. Legolas asked quietly from Aragorn
"Where did she learn how to fight like this?"
"That's the thing, noone knows. She just knew how to from the start."
Back at the duel, Tala was letting Boromir attack herself. She had a plan but for that, she needed her strenght and a distance between them. She dodged every single sword swing that was directed towards her, backing further and further away from Boromir. When she saw that the distance was big enough, she charged towards him. He didn't know what was going on, the girl was just running towards him, she didn't even have her daggers lifted.
Tala just ran and when she was about a sword's lenght away from Boromir, she jumped high in the air, doing a flip and landed behind Boromir. Before he could turn, she had one of her daggers near his throat. She whispered in Boromir's ear
"I think this duel is over. Do you now think that I can handle being in the Fellowship?"
Boromir just nodded, shocked that someone had beat him. Tala removed the dagger and walked towards Aragorn. The ones who had bet on Boromir now had sour faces. But Pippin's, Aragorn's and Legolas's faces were lit up. Tala didn't know how much they had bet but she could tell that it wasn't a simple coin.
She heard Boromir coming behind her. She turned around and said
"You fought well, it was a honor."
"The feeling is mutal."
Tala then went to her brother and asked
"So, how much did you bet?"
But before he could answer, Legolas asked
"Where did you learn to fight like that?"
"If you wish to know, I'll be practicing this evening. You can come and ask as many questions as you'd like."
Answered Tala simply and walked away with pride