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Vampire+Werewolf=What? (Some Violence)
Story published September 13, 2012 · updated February 24, 2013 · completed · 25 pages · 1,810 readers · 10,222 reads
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The next day started pretty much the same as the first, with eyes staring at me, like I was a fancy new exhibit in the Zoo. I couldn't care less about the wide frightened eyeballs and the disapproving glances. All those people were invisible to me. Until...

"Oi, Moody!" growled a boy. I whipped round, to find myself face to face with a tall, bulky boy. He looked quite scary, with a pierced lip, dark eyes and hundreds of tattoos. He had a troublesome smile creeping up his face.

And I guess it was true, I guess I could be perceived as sullen, silent and rather moody. But that's just me. Most Werewolves are because we can't make friends. We can't risk spilling our secret. People see us as magical, mythical creatures that everyone admires. If they knew we were real though, it wouldn't be the same. They'd think we were bloodthirsty, vicious creatures. We just can't win, which is why we stay alone.

"If you're looking for trouble, I'd advise you not to." I snarled. He blinked in surprise, but his mates swarmed around him, laughing and jeering at me, making him look tougher. He smiled horribly.

"Whatever, sweetie." he said.

"Seriously. Back off!" I hissed.

"Erm...lets see..." he said, pouting and pretending to consider it. "Lets!"

They closed in on me, backing me into the fence.

We don't just change at Full Moon. If we feel threatened, or angry, we can transform if we wish, but sometimes we can't help it. I didn't want him to provoke a transformation. Not here! Not now!

"So, sweetie. Have you ever seen what's inside a toilet bowl?"

His mates sniggered, and six pairs of hands grabbed me, and began to try and drag me to the toilets. I could feel prickles running down my spine, and tingling all over my body. I knew if I didn't take action, I would reveal my true form.

"Get off!" I said. Being a Werewolf, I was very strong. I slapped one of the hands, and they let go, with a cry from their owner. A red lump began forming where I had hit it. He knew something wasn't normal.

"Uhm, guys?" he began, examining his hand.

But I was beginning to fight. I was scratching, tearing, hitting and punching, wherever I could find a target. I saw a gap, and tried to squeeze through it. Something hit me hard in the stomach, a fist. I buckled over, and fell to the floor. 

"Show's over." said the boy. He looked furious with me, and I had a feeling whatever happened next wasn't going to be pretty, and was going to be far worse than being shoved in a toilet. And I couldn't let myself transform.

"Leave her." purred a sudden voice. I peered over to its owner. It was boy, not one of the gang. He was tall and handsome, with pale skin and gorgeous violet eyes. I blinked my green ones, suddenly envious of them. He leant against the wall casually, arms crossed, looking rather bored. To my surprise the gang suddenly gasped, and started to back away.

"We'll get you next time, Moody!" they roared, before scampering off.

The boy came forward and extended his hand graciously. I accepted it, and he helped pull me up.

"Thanks." I said grudgingly. I smelt a faint whiff of delectable, high qualtity chocolate.

"No problem. I'm Chase." he said. 

"Mercedes." I answered. "Nice to meet you." The whiff was getting stronger, like inhaling a bar of melted chocolate directly. It was delightful.

He winked. "So, see you round, Mercedes." he said.

"Yeah." I coughed. The smell was starting to make my eyes water, it was beginning to make me feel sick. This was one powerful werewolf. Was it Chase? Or was it another person standing near us. I looked surreptitiously around. Nobody was less than 25 metres away from our vicinity. It had to be him!

Perhaps he was the Antarctic Werewolf! These creatures were huge and strong, with thick pure-white coats and long feathery wings. They were stunning, indeed, but highly dangerous when they wanted to be. Their howls brought earthquakes! Their scent was overwhelming, the richest dreamy chocolate. The most powerful Werewolf to exist!

Other than the Thundermight Werewolf, or Stormwolf. They looked like large foxes, with ebony fur with red flashes. They could control lightning, and their bark sounded like thunder. They could even breath fire, and run faster than any wolf. Incredible. Their scent was enticing, the only thing you could taste and smell, and want like crazy, was that cocoa.

"Yeah." I repeated. "See ya'"

Had I found the Werewolf?


The rise of the Moonpires are upon us.