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A Thousand Years [MOVED]
Story published September 13, 2012 · updated 3 weeks ago · 35 pages · 1,560 readers · 11,157 reads
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Hola! Que pasa?
I think that's how you say it; it's been forever (not really) since school got out.
Speaking of school.......
I'm starting the worst four years of my life on Tueday!! Which leads me to leave you this note.
Because I'm starting High School, I really need to get in the swing of things. And I really need to get supercalifragilisticexpialidocious grades in order to get into the college I really really really really really want to go to.
And that means I'm gunna to have to take some time off Quotev... So no updates for a while. I have my iPod working so I'll still be able to log on, chat (lol, no. I'm antisocial), and make some pointless, stupid post thingy. But NO UPDATES.
I feel really sad about that. But grades/graduation is much more important than updating fan fiction. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's true.
I guess this is it for a while. Three weeks. Tops. And if you see an update for this or any other story, it's because a). it's done or b.) it was just about done.
I do feel really bad about this. Just remeber... I love your faces!
Jessey (who loves you forever).
I do not own anything with 'Lord of the Rings' or any of Tolkien's creations.
I only own my character; Enthestia, Star, and characters to be revealed later on.