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My Savoir
Story published September 13, 2012 · updated June 18, 2013 · completed · 189 pages · 84,438 readers · 1,793,890 reads
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*Liam's P.O.V.*

After our little... incident with Juliet and Day, the boys and I head back into Zayn's living room, where Louis immediatly announces that we are playing truth or dare. "I'm going first!" Louis yells. Making the  boys and I cover our ears. "Okay, Niall, truth or dare?" Niall bites the inside of his cheek, knowing whichever one he chooses will end up in somehing disasterous.
"Dare?" Niall asks catiously. Louis immediatly answers, obviously having thought this over in his head.
"I dare you to go talk dirty to the girls." Louis says, an evil smirk on his face. Niall's cheeks turn a bright red.
"Um, what exactly do I have to say?" Niall asks, obviously flustered. Louis thinks for a moment.
"Just go in there, get between the two, put your arms around them and just start talking, oh and take your phone in, put it on speaker so we can hear you."
"I hate you Louis." Niall mutters before he leaves, dialing Louis number. We all knew that chickening out had a lot bigger punishment than the actual dare or truth. "Hey ladies." We hear Niall say flirtatiously.
"Um, hey Niall." The girls say, sounding tired. We hear something moving around. "Care, to tell us why your in bed with us?" Juliet asks.
"Oh, you know, I'd like to get to know you girls better, if you know what I mean." We can practically feel his eyebrows raise up and down. We can hear the girls shift and cough uncomfortably.
"Are you okay Niall?" They ask.
"I'm peachy, now that I'm here with you lovely ladies." Louis can't help it anymore, he bursts out laughing, trying to cover the loud laughs with a pillow.
"Seriously guys? You'd make Niall do this?! Go back out there you cutie, kick some ass in whatever you're doing." We can hear Juliet say. Moments later Niall comes out.
"My turn!" He states cheerily. He looks around the room, his eyes landing on Zayn, and evil smirk crossing over his lips. "Zayn, truth or dare?" Zayn looks at us all, trying to get help, but the lads and I all avoid eye contact.
"Truth." Zayn says quickly, trying to go the safe route, boy was he wrong.
"When was the last time you had sex, with who, and how good was it on a scale of one to ten?" Zayn's cheeks heat up in a bright red, he looks down, suddenly interested in the hem of his varsity jacket.
"Um, about two weeks ago, with Perrie, and it was a ten." He mutters. The boys all whoop.
"Oooo, Zayn, two weeks without sex? That must be rough." Harry states. Zayn rolls his eyes.
"Oh, shut up Harry, when was the last time you had sex?" Zayn shoots back. When Harry doesn't reply, the boys and I laugh. "That's what I though." Zayn says, Harry sticks his tounge out, Zayn replicating him. "Liam, truth or dare?" Zayn finally asks.
"Um, truth." I say. Zayn looks up to the ceiling, thinking.
"What do you think of Juliet?" My cheeks flare up.
"Dare." I quickly say. Zayn gives me an evil smirk.
"I dare you to answer the question." I slump my shoulder, it's not like they wouldn't find out sooner or later. I quickly look at Louis, he's staring at me intently, his blue eyes narrowed.
"I like her okay? I like her a lot, I think the way her eyes light up makes her even more beautiful than she already is, I want to run my fingers through her hair. The way she doesn't take life to seriously shocks me, but in a good way." When I look around the boys all wear similar shocked faces, except Louis, his face shows one of pure anger.
"But, you have a girlfriend." Niall states.
"Like me and Danielle are going to last any longer." I scoff, sending the boys eyes wide and their jaws dropping. "I mean, it never stopped Louis." I say angrily, gesturing my hand towards him. His eyes show an angry fire, all of it directed my way, his fists are clenching and unclenching at his sides. All the lads turn to Louis, who's face is red from anger.
"What's he talking about Lou?" Harry asks quietly.
"I don't know." Louis replies coldly. This time it was my turn to narrow my eyes, I stand up, throwing my hands up in the air. Louis stands up too.
"Oh, come on!" I half yell, half talk. "I'm not freaking deaf Lou! I have ears that overheard your conversation with Day in the kitchen, I don't know why you would lie to your own friends, so come on, say it." I say tauntingly. Everyone but Louis looks at me with disbelief, knowing I never lost my anger, especially with one of my best mates.
"I kissed her alright? I kissed Juliet! And you know what Liam? I LIKED IT!" He screams the last part, before  I could control myself, my fist connects with Louis face.
"OH MY GOD!" I hear a scream from behind me. Juliet stands there, her hand to her mouth, while Day looks at me, disbelief, and sadness in her eyes.

*Juliet's P.O.V.*

We heard yelling from the living room, thinking it was just the boys having a playful bicker, but after it lasted for longer than a playful bicker should and the yelling got more intense, me and Day decided to go check the situation out. We reached the living room right as Liam punched Louis. "OH MY GOD!" I scream, covering my mouth as Louis falls back onto the couch, blood flowing out his nose. Liam looks at Day and I, shock, anger, hurt, regret, filling his big, brown eyes.
"I need to leave. I'm going home." Liam mutters, none of the boys acknowleding him as he slams the door shut.
"Go after him, let him talk to you." Day encourages, elbowing me in the ribs. I nod quickly, scurrying out the door and knocking on Liam's flat.
"Liam, it's Juliet, can you please let me in?" I ask in a voice you would ask a small child to do something.
"You don't have to talk to me like I'm a child." He growls, opening the door. His eyes are narrowed at me. "What do you want?" He snaps, I flinch, tears threatening to spill over, I never liked it when peopole yelled at me. His brown eyes seem to soften some what. He runs a hand through his hair and sighs. "I'm sorry." Is all he says, moving to the side so I could walk into his flat. I sit on a couch, Liam sitting across from me in a reclining chair.
"Talk. About anything. Spill your feelings out to me, tell me why you punched Louis." Liam hangs his head low, and mutters unchompreshensive words. "I couldn't understand you Liam." I say patiently. He sighs.
"I punched him because he kissed you." Liam says. I gasp.
"How did you find out?" He snaps his head towards me, his eyes narrowing.
"You know, I do have ears, I can hear what people say you know. Did you two intend to keep this a secret forever? Because it sure as hell isn't a secret anymore." Liam snaps, his voice rising with each passing sentence. I narrow my green eyes at him, ignoring what he just said.
"And why did Louis kissing me, bother you enough to get violent with him?" I ask, keeping my voice calm.
"Because I like you." My eyes widen. Why? Why did I have to be put into this situation?
"Excuse me?" I ask, making sure I heard him right. Liam rolls his eyes.
"I like you Juliet, a lot." I bite my lip.
"But you have a girlfriend." I point out.
"Thanks for pointing out the obvious, it's not like me and Dani are going to be staying together anymore, and besides, that never stopped Louis." My face heats up in anger.
"Don't bring Louis into this." I say through clenched teeth. Liam lowers his eyebrows and narrows his eyes.
"Why not? He is the one who caused this mess." He yells. "If he hadn't kissed you, Louis wouldn't be bleeding, we wouldn't be having this talk, and life would be somewhat back to normal." His voice rising higher and higher. "If Louis hadn't kissed you, I actually might have a shot at being with you." Liam whispers the last sentence out. My stomach flutters. Did he actually feel like this? And I do the only thing I can think of doing at the moment. I stand up, and walk over to Liam, and press my lips against his. Almost immediatly I feel fireworks explode where his lips touch mine. For a moment I don't think he'll kiss me back, but I soon feel his warm lips move in sync with mine.

*Liam's P.O.V.*

Juliet stood up, walking towards me. At first I thought she was going to slap me, but instead she presses her warm, moist, plump lips onto mine. I sit there for amoment, my eyes wide in shock, but soon I kiss back. Our lips move perfectly together, fireworks exploded throughout my body. This is what I have wanted since meeting Juliet.
This was perfect.