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Pokémon Gone Human?
Story published September 15, 2012 · updated July 8, 2013 · 26 pages · 12,185 readers · 64,172 reads
Male!Gengar: Part
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Male!Gengar: Part 1

You smiled down at your beloved Gengar, sure it was a he creepy Pokémon but you loved him to death. You had raised Gengar ever since it had been a Gastly you found it sick near your house. It had been a hassle to convince your parents to keep it but eventually they agreed. Right now, you and Gengar where out camping, underneath the stars. “Gengar gen gen gar…” you heard Gengar mummer from next to you and you smiled at it, “what is it Gengar?” you asked, Gengar looked up at you with a sad look on its face. “Are you hungry?” you asked Gengar only for it to shake its head and turn back to the stars, Gengar sighed. What he had really said was: theses stars burn out in compassion to your beauty… being a Pokémon and you being human, you didn’t understand. And besides, he was a Pokémon, there was no way… Gengar froze. Why didn’t he think of it sooner? He had to become human! Gengar slow looked down at the ground. But that couldn’t happen, there was no way that he could- “Gengar!” Gengar jumped at the sound of your voice and looked at you, “Look a shooting star! Quick let’s make a wish!” you said happily while grabbing Gengar’s hand. Gengar blushed slightly and looked up to see a shooting star, like you had said. He looked over at you only to see that you were making a wish so he quickly made his. ‘I want to be a human so _____ can love me.’ Gengar thought and heard you giggle, “I hope both of our wishes come true Gengar!” you said and Gengar nodded. He hoped his would anyway…
The next morning….
Last night had been fun for you and Gengar, but you had gotten to bed late last night so you slept in to about noon. Gengar and you usually slept in the same sleeping bag for comfort reasons. When you first started your camping trips, it had been the first night and you kept hearing things (a twig snap, a rustle in the bushes the wind, a Cricketune, nothing, etc.) and couldn’t get to sleep. Gengar which had been a haunter at the time finally crawled into your sleeping bag and you relaxed. Knowing he was there, and he could protect you from anything helped a lot and you slept wonderful so it had just become a habit. You groggily opened your eyes and stretched hearing a few of your bones pop in the process. “Morning Gengar… how did you sl—“you stopped in midsentence. There was no Gengar next to you but a boy instead. His hair was purple and longer than most boys wore it, and it had two pieces of hair sticking straight up. You quickly noted that he was naked… in your sleeping bag… “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” you screamed while jumping out of the bag. Gengar, who was currently having a very nice dream, heard your scream and jumped up already ready for any person who dare to mess with his ______. He looked around for a moment only to see you on the ground looking up at him, “____? What’s wrong? Did something scare you?” Gengar asked you and you blinked… “Okay how do you know my name? And who are you? And why where you in my sleeping bag? And WHERE IS MY GENGAR!?” you yelled at the boy who seemed to be utterly confused, “What? ____! What’s wrong with you? I’m right here! And we always sleep together!” Gengar said panicked, you blinked for a moment… and then fainted. Gengar rushed over to your side and started to shake you. “_____! Wake up! ___-“Gengar blinked for a moment at what he saw. He saw his own… human hands shaking ____. He quickly looked over the rest of his body to see the rest of him was in fact human. ”Oh-oh my god…” he said. He finally figured out why you were so freaked out. Any girl would be if they found a naked boy in their sleeping bag without any reason. ‘____ probably thinks I’m a pervert now! And just when I was given the opportunity to confess my love to her!” he thought and quickly ran over to your bag hoping to pull something he could wear out, sadly, you had planned on going to the next town over so all you had packed was a purple spaghetti strap tank top and a black jean skirt and other girly clothes. His next option was the only one, use the sleeping bag after he made sure you were safe and warm.
You sighed, in contempt happiness whatever you where snuggled next to was warm made you feel safe. Gengar could probably faint himself, you where snuggled next to him and that itself was nice. Gengar had found that you had a spare blanket so he warped you in it while he nestled himself in the sleeping bag. You yawned, and leaning away from the warm object and stretched. You looked over at wear you had been sleeping and saw the boy from this morning, and scouted away from him in record time, “Y-Y-YOU!” you said while pointing at him, he looked over at you shyly and quickly looked back to the ground. “Good afternoon ____...” Gengar said sadly. What where you going to do to him? Scream, shout, yell, and slap him? He didn’t know. You blinked at him; he most centrally didn’t seem like a pervert or pedophile. Actually he was quite cute for someone who you found naked in your sleeping bag this morning. “Hey, where’s Gengar?” you asked and looked around. If Gengar was around he probably would have made this guy run to a different region in fear. Gengar looked over at you and slowly decided to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth, “_____...” he said getting your attention and you looked over at him, “I’m Gengar.” He said and you gaped, how you’re sweet and adorable little Gengar turn into a cute and adorable human. And then your remembered how you screamed at him this morning and felt you heart break, “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry Gengar for yelling at you like I did! I didn’t mean it!” you said and crawled back over and hugged him. Gengar blushed, and looked down at you before smiling.
Oh my glob! Well what do you people think? Good or no good? Please tell me how I did and I’ll continue~! And please, feel free to request a Pokémon (please put if you want the Pokémon to be a boy or a girl and please put what gender the ‘you’ story should be)!
But for now…
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