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Pokémon Gone Human?
Story published September 15, 2012 · updated July 8, 2013 · 26 pages · 12,150 readers · 64,044 reads
Male! Delibird: Pa
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Male! Delibird: Part 1-

You shivered, even with your fur coat, it was freezing.

Well what did you expect from a snowy mountain?

Tropical weather?

You looked up at the top of the mountain and saw the little cave that you loved to visit for one reason and one reason alone.

You had an adorable little bird Pokémon who always wanted to see you.

You’re beloved Delibird.

A few years ago you had went up to the mountain to look for a plant that was said to grow there, and you need that plant for a soup you were making for your grandma.

The plant was said to make anyone better so you had to get it… but the bad thing was you had no idea how to start.
A few years ago…

Your teeth where chattering so loud you thought you could start an avalanche from the sound of the chatter and the storm you had walked into oh so brilliantly prepared for wasn’t letting up.

It was just getting worse and if you didn’t find shelter soon… you would probably be found a few several hundred years later incased in a block of ice by some people who stumbled upon you be accident.

You looked up at the storm clouds above your head, and shivered. The snow that had fallen on your face was cold.

You slowly looked down at the ground in front of you only to see a cave in front of you with a warm glow pouring out of it.

Maybe someone lived up here and you could persuade them to give you some shelter until the storm let up, or even better, until it stopped.

You quickly hurried into cave and looked around.

It didn’t look like anyone or any-Pokémon was home so you just shook yourself off.

On the walls there were some various types of fruits, and veggies drying, probably for storage. Next to the fire was a warm looking blanket.

Warm blanket next to warm fire…

You shook your head about the thoughts about the warm fire and warm blanket so you wouldn’t just walk into the fire and sit down in the middle of it trying to warm up.

You walked over to the blanket, half expecting something to jump out at you and kill you on the spot. After nothing had, you sat down on the warm blanket near the warm fire.

Everything was quite for a moment before a squawk split through the silence of the cave.


You looked over to see a little red and white bird staring at you with big mortified/angry eyes.

You stared back at the little bird Pokémon before smiling widely and grabbing it. “OMG! AREN’T YOU JUST THE CUTEST LITTLE THING?!” You squealed adoringly at the Pokémon as you hugged
it into your chest and twirled on the spot.

The Pokémon squawked angrily as it tried to break out of your steel like grip.

You fumbled around in your pocket for a minute before pulling out a poke’dex and pointing it at the Pokémon.

‘Delibird- the Delivery bird Pokémon. If people get lost in the mountains, Delibird will share its food with them, which it carries in its tail.’ Your poke’dex said in its robotic monotone voice.

You smiled down at Delibird. You were lucky to get stuck with such a cute and helpful Pokémon.

Delibird was glaring up at you, clearly annoyed with the fact that you where touching him.

“So, will you share your food with me?” you asked sweetly and Delibird merely looked the other way, away from you.

You blinked for a moment before an arrow labeled ‘rejection’ went through your forehead as you figured out what he meant.

You felt your sprit start to crack, making you drop Delibird and crumble to the ground.

Delibird sweet dropped and gulped.

Had he broke… whatever this creature was?

He had never seen such a strange looking creature.

And if he had broken whatever it was, how the freakn heck was he going to fix it?

You felt the tears start to well up and you sniffed trying to hold them back.

Delibird froze realizing that this creature was going to cry before running off towards the back of the cave trying to find something to shove in its mouth before exploded.

He settled upon a sweet tasting grass and you where millimeters away from breaking down in tears until you felt something shove into your mouth.

Delibird watch as you try to figure out what had just happened.

Please let the grass work.

You closed you mouth and started to chew…

It tasted like… candy!

You happily chewed the sweet tasting substance in your mouth and smiled happily.

Delibird sighed as you quickly lost your reason to cry.

As you swallowed the last bit of the grass, you looked down at the Delibird happily, causing Delibird to flinch back slightly.

What did the creature want now?!

“Thank you for the sweet stuff~” you said happily, making Delibird to relax slightly. “So… do you think I could stay here until the storm let up?” you asked sheepishly while playing with your fingers
and Delibird face planted the ground.

You blinked at the Pokémon in front of you.

“Would that be a yes?” you asked and Delibird only twitched.


You giggled at the memory.

Ever since that day you had been going up to see Delibird daily with some food, to make sure it had enough to eat, and medicine and if it got hurt, you could help it.

You loved the little bird Pokémon to death but being the stubborn Pokémon that it was, Delibird would get flustered if you dared to hug him or say how cute he was or displayed any type of affection to

But in your eyes, it only made him even cuter because of how cute he was when he got flustered.

 “Oh dilibird! I’m back~!” you called into the cave happily before happily entering it.

No awancer.

You usually got a monotone squawk in return but Delibird was probably asleep, and when you said asleep you ment out like a snorelax asleep and nothing could wake it up.

But as you looked upon Delibird blanket, your happy smile faded.

Because of Delibird’s small size, there would be a small lump (Delibird sized) underneath the blankets. But now… there was a un-Delibird sized (not Delibird –sized) lump was sleeping in Delibird’s
usual spot.

Ninja powers activated, you walked over to the blanket and womaned yourself for whatever battle you had to face to find out what whatever it was had done with your beloved little Delibird.

Moving like a ninja and you grabbed the end of the blanket, and, taking a deep breath, making sure you where ready for whom or whatever it was, you pulled the blanket off with one quick motion.

You blinked for a moment before you let out a loud scream, turned the other way, and covered your eyes.

 “MY PURE AND INNOCENT YOUNG EYES!” you screamed while keeping your hands firmly on your now not pure and innocent young eyes and turning away.

Delibird, now awake, sat up annoyed and looked over at you before getting about fifty tick marks on his head. “WHAT HECK ARE YOU SCREAMNG FOR YOU CRAZY PERSON!?”

You turned around with your eyes uncovered, forgetting what you had just seen before letting out a mortified squeal and going back to facing the other way while covering your eyes and murmuring
something about your innocents being ruined.

Delibird raised an eye brow at you, sure you where strange for a human but… you had never done that around him before.

“Hey, _ (N/A) _...” Delibird said while stanign up, ”What are you so freaked out about?” Delibird asked while standing up and walking over to you.

“Okay. First I’m not turning to face whoever you are until you cover you’re… um… you know… ding-dong…” you said and Delibird gave you a look that clearly said you were crazy. “Second… Please put some clothes on… and third…” you said while keeping your eyes firmly upward and glared at him. “WHERE IS MY DELIBIRD!?”

Delibird froze.

Humans wore clothes… human males had ding-dongs… and Delibird wasn’t around… but he was Delibird…

Delibird slowly looked down at himself…


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