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Story published September 15, 2012 · updated May 13, 2013 · 71 pages · 11,250 readers · 103,979 reads
Nightwing # 2
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Nightwing # 2

Ash winced at the sting of the disinfectant on the gash on her upper arm. He said he would be careful, but it still hurt like Hell.
"Sorry." He said quietly, moving quickly so it could be over sooner. Ash looked up at him, watching him move. She could tell Nightwing was an exerienced gymnast and acrobat from the way he moved, every move had a reason and they were swift and controlled. Even when he was just standing and tending to her wound, he used gentle strength to stop her squirming, and quick movements to make sure she was treated to effectively, but quickly so it wouldn't hurt too much. He must have felt her looking, because he looked up at her, a small smile on his lips.
"I'll be done in a few moments" He said, looking down again as he started to bandage her injury.
"Thanks. You didn't have to do it though." Ash said quietly, feeling a little shy. Nightwing gathered up what he had used, either putting it away, or throwing it away.
"Everyone else was busy, and knowing you, you would have left it to heal on its own." He said, shrugging as he finished up. Ash bit her lip, she knew it was true, and it was pointless arguing with him. She sighed quiwtly, looked down again. The room was silent until Nightwing broke it.
"Has Batgirl told you anything or been acting weird lately?" He asked, for once, not sounding his usual confident self. Ash looked up at him, in marvel that he could even sound nervous.
"No, why?" She asked, tilting her head to the side. Nightwing gazed at her for a moment, then shook his head.
"No reason, just wondered." He mumbled, looking like a shy little school boy, well at least a shy school boy with a mask on. Ash nodded slowly, not sure if she believed him.

Putting her feet on the floor, she slid off the exmining table in the medical room, putting her jacket back on. Nightwing didn't say or do anything to stop her from going, so she headed to the door. As she put her hand on the door handle, a larger hand engulfed hers, making her look back.
"Nightwing? What's up?" She asked, looking up at him. He smiled, but it was a nervous smile.
"Uh, can I just try something? If you don't like it, I'll understand." He said quietly, his expression unreadable. Ash nodded, her stomach tensing up in excitement, and in nervous energy. Slowly, he leant down, putting his hands on the door behind her, almost trapping her, Ash gazed at him, biting her lip.
"Stop biting your lip." He breathed, gazing down at her. Ash let her lip go quickly, too caught up in the heady feeling to actually think beyond the simple 'breathe in, breathe out' comands.

Her breathing stopped altogether when he pressed his lips against hers. He pulled away seconds later to quietly remind her to breathe, then kissed her again, this time deepening it with her permission. A few minutes later, he had her pinned between the door and himself, her fingers tangled in his hair and his hands on her hips, pulling her closer.

Twenty minutes later, Batgirl walked up to them in the mission room, smirking.
"Hey guys?" She said, looking at them with playful eyes. Nightwing looked at Batgirl for a second, then went straight back to the screens. Ash looked at her with more interest.
"Next time, please use your rooms for your make out sessions. Oh, and thank God he finally told you, Ash." Batgirl smiled at Ash, making her blush crimson.

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