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Hello? *Jeff the Killer fan fic*Completed~
Story published September 15, 2012 · updated February 23, 2013 · completed · 108 pages · 4,661 readers · 75,956 reads
chapter 2
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Chapter 2

I turned around and saw jeff rais his knife and them plung it into my stomic. He then pulled it out and i collapsed onto the dirt road. I felt the blood from my stomic on my hands. I groaned in pain. I started to feel numb. I looked up at Jeff and his smile grew wider making the cuts on his cheeks bleed more. He raised his knife again. Then i heard someone call my name. I looked down the road and saw Monte and her older brother running twords me. I turned back to Jeff and saw he was gone. I felt my eyes get heavy then everything went black.

Monte's POV *lol its in pink (:*

I was walking down to Cassie's house with my brother Danny. (The guy in the picture)
I didnt like her walking home alone in the dark. It gave me chills just thinking about it. Dont get me wrong, she can kick some ass if she needs to, but I've heard there was killers on her street alot tougher than she is. As we got to the dirt road whitch lead to her street, I saw her talking to some guy in a white hoddie that looked like it was stained my red paint. Then i saw her fall on the ground and the guy pull back what looked like a knife. I gasped and started to run to her. "Cassie!" i called. She looked at me then fell to the ground. Once i reached her, the guy was gone. I knelt down beside her and saw blood coming from her body. I lifted up her shirt and saw she was stabbed. Danny finally cought up and helped me carry her to her house. Once we got there, we carried her down the hall and set her on her bed. I went to the bathroom and got a wet cloth to clean up the blood on her stomic. Her cloths werent that bloody so i left them on. I then grabbed the first aid kit and wraped some kind of cloth i gound around her stomic. When i was finished, i tucked her in and went down stairs with Danny to watch t.v. I knew jane never liked me over, but i wasnt gunna leave my best friend home alone.

Cassie's POV

I woke up in my room with a pain in my stomic. I looked and saw someone wrapped some cloth around it. I got up and walked into the bathroom. I unwraped the cloth and saw a scar forming in the middle of a huge purple, blue, and black bruse. I decited to take a shower and clean off the dry blood on my arms and chest. It hurt like a mother, but atleast they wouldnt get infected. I tuened off the water and wrapped myself in a towel. I walked over to the mirror and saw writing in the smoke. It wrote, Thank you for calling me beautiful, i could say the same about your body, I'll be back tonight. Go to sleep...

I shivered at the thought. He was in my bathroom watching me shower!!! I felt so violated and sickened. the guy looked 18. I walked into my room and put on some batman pajama pants and a black tank top. I dried my hair and put it in to a ponytail. I walked down staits to see Monte and her brother Danny on the couch watching The Adams family. They looked at me then jolted off the couch and started hugging me.
"Oh my god! Are you ok? You've been asleep for 5 hours now." Monte told me in a worried voice.
"Im fine, and i was out for five hours?"
"Yea." Danny awncered. I nodded and walked into the kitchen to make coffie for all of us. Then the phone rang. I looked at the caller I.D. It was Jane.

"Hello." I awncered.
"What the hell!" I heard her yell at me.
"I thought I told you people werent allowed over, and you arent allowed to see Jeff!" Who's Jeff? Was he the guy who stabbed me?
"I didnt know that was Jeff and Monte is only here couse she wanted to make sure I was ok."
"Oh, alright. But still, i dont like people over. They need to leave."
"Jane i dont want to be alone."
"Do you want your friends to die?"
"If Jeff finds out about Monte, he'ss kill her and anyone else close to you."
"Okay, what do i do id he comes over."
"Make sure all the doors are locked and the windows also, Grab my knives and call me."
"Bye." She hung up.
I walked back into the living room and stood beside Monte and Danny. "Thatnks for taking care of me, but im afraid its getting late." i said.
"Are you sure?" Danny asked.
"Yes, i dont want your parents to get mad."
They nodded and we said her good byes then they left.
I locked all the doors and windows and went to Jane's room and grabbed the biggest knife i found in her silver chest she had kept her knife collection. Yea, thats right, my older sister has a knife collection!
I walked back into the living room and turned out all the lights and the t.v.
I loged on to my facebook account and saw i had a message from a person named Masky. It wrote I wouldnt turn off all the llights if i were you (;. Oh and cheak your back door.  I tilted my head to figure out this message and who Masky might be then i heard a crash in the basement. Then i remembered i forgot to lock the back door. I then turned on all the lights in the house and went down to the basement and saw the door was wide open. I walked down the stairs slowly and got my knife ready incase anyone was there. When i got to the end, I turned on the light and saw know one was there. I went and shut the door and locked it. I walked back up stairs and saw two people sitting on my couch their backs facing me. One of them was wearing a black hoddie and the other a white one with blood stains. The same jeff was wearing. I just stood in the door way thinking of a plan to get past them and into my room to my phone to call Jane. I started to tip toe behind them and down the hall. It worked, until i triped over that dumb board in the middle of the hall and fell. They turned around and Jeff got up and walked slowly to me. I got up, picked up my knife and raised it.
"Im warning you. Another step closer and I'll plung this into your chest." I thretened. I wasnt really scared of him, i was scared of the fact that he'll kill me. I hate the thought of death. He chuckled.
"Do it then." he said. i didnt want to, but i didnt want to show him i wasnt a cowered. So i did it. I raised the knife higher and shoved it into the middle of his rib cadge. He looked at me with an expression that was like (I cant beleive she did that!) Then he smiled and pulled the knife out of his chest.
"Wow, im inpressed. Guess what? Your next." he raised the knife and i jolted into Jane's room. I went into her closet and grabbed her silver chest she kept her knives in and took the biggest I could find. Well second biggest scence Jeff already had the biggest. I put the chest back into her closet and looked around the room to find a phone. Then the door broke down. CRAP! I turned around and saw him and a guy in a white mask. He might be Masky. Oh now i get it. I didnt dare take a step back. if they wanted to fight, so be it!
Masky ran up to me and pined me to the wall. I tried to lift my hand and stab him but Jeff pulled the knife out of my hand. Then he took his or Jane's knife and cut my cheek. I felt blood run down my cheek and down to my chin. Jeff eyes locked on mine and we stayed like that for about 5 minuits. He leaned closer and licked the blood off my cheek then kissed it. What?
Masky let go of me and Jeff handed me back Jane's knifes. I looked at them then with a blink of an eye, they were gone. What the hell happened?

How do u guys like it so far? :)
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