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Wolf Love (Rhydian Morris Love Story) |on hold|
Story published September 18, 2012 · updated 5 months ago · 52 pages · 4,400 readers · 39,812 reads
Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

~Adriana's Pov~
I continued running as fast as i could to find Rhydian. Then i caught up with him thank god!

Adriana: Rhydian!!
Rhydian: don't worry I'm out of here!

I catched up with him and grabbed his arm.

Adriana: don't! Maddy was stupid she didn't mean what she said don't! I wanna help you!
Rhydian: help?! I've had help, Counselling, Rizzling
Adriana: we can really help. You need to learn how to control your wolf alpha. Before someone gets hurt...

I got in front of him causing him to stop, i grabbed hold of his Jacket. We were pretty close and out faces were only a few inches apart.

Rhydian: your just like the rest of them!

Okay ouch that hurt my feelings. He pushed past me and continued walking. He started running. Your not getting away that fast Rhydian Morris! I started running again after him again. I took a short cut and came out the other side in front of Rhydian.

Adriana: I've lived here all my life i know my way round

I went down and ran to Rhydian.

Adriana: i know your alone
Rhydian: so?!
Adriana: I'm like you, you saw that
Rhydian: you may be like me, but you think the same as them! Your just trying to make me better! But you know what? What i am, what i turn into that is better. It's better then anything I've ever know! And I'm not gonna let anyone take that away from me!
Adriana: I'm not letting you go!
Rhydian: go ahead. Chase me, stop me. Use your Wolfy Powers and see how long it takes for someone to find out who you are! Cause none of your Mates know you little secret do they?!

I didn't answer i just looked down at the side. Then i looked back up at him.

Rhydian: thought not. I've got nothing to loose here, unlike you
Adriana: I didn't have to come find you but i did, because i like you!

He continued running, oh it is on Morris! I followed him jumping over the Fence into the Woods. I kept running after him in the Woods we were both going at a fast pace. He kept looking back at me. I had to hold back a smile. We continued then i lost him. He was nowhere to be seen. UGH!! Then i heard a whistle and looked up in to a Tree and there stood Rhydian. He let out a cute chuckle and i let a small smile appear, he jumped down and continued running. I followed him, running fast. He kept looking back but this time he was smiling big. I was also smiling a lot as well. I finally got close enough and pounced, we both fell rolling down the Hill and he ended up on top of me. I giggled and he smiled and pecked me on the lips before whispering.

Rhydian: the thing is i like you too

I smiled as he rolled off me and we sat up. And there was the Year 7's, Miss, Maddy, Shannon and Tom all looking at us. Maddy was smirking at me. We got up and i straightened out my Clothes.

Adriana: sorry we're late everyone. Seen any Badgers yet?
Miss: no you two have scared off every Animal for miles. Sorry everyone we'll have to come back another day

Everyone walked off and gave Shannon, Tom and Maddy the Cameras. Shannon turned to us.

Shannon: well done Ads
Tom: yeah we were so close to getting new Members than you two show up and mess everything up
Adriana: there was something important i had to...
Tom: ...what? More important than the Photography Club yeah?
Adriana: yeah actually! Rhydian is more important than the Club. The thing is...
Maddy: ...the thing is Rhydian and Adriana are dating, and Rhydian's a very close Family Friend. And i mean you saw them kiss

I nodded agreeing with Maddy.

Adriana: yeah me and Rhydian dated awhile ago and we broke up cause he kissed another girl. Ya see the thing is me and Maddy hated him because he cheated on me and we didn't want him here, so Maddy treated him badly. He didn't like it so he trashed the Dark Room. You don't have to be Best Friends, but Rhydian is back in my life now and that's that

I said as Rhydian put his arm around my waist.

Shannon: okay. Sure
Tom: welcome to Stoney Bridge Mate

I looked up at Rhydian and smiled kissing his Cheek. He smiled at me.

Tom: you really don't like Football?

Rhydian chuckled and nodded his head 'no' i giggled too.

Shannon: right i am frozen, so can we just go?

We all started walking, and Rhydian took hold of my hand and intertwined our fingers.

Rhydian: so Dria you wanna be my actual Girlfriend?
Adriana: of course, but if i see Kara, Kay or Katrina trying to flirt with you i can't promise i won't try and bite them

Rhydian chuckled and kissed me, and i kissed back. We pulled away and continued walking with the others. We got to the Cafe and i had an Hot Chocolate. I was sat next to Rhydian who had his Arm around my Shoulders. Me and Rhydian were sat really close. Just then Kara, Kay and Katrina came in.

Kara: we have a proposition for ya
Maddy: you've got a proposition for us?
Kara: it's this competition, it will cost too much for our Photos to be done professionally
Katrina: and we need a Photfolio
Kay: Portfolio
Katrina: both
Kara: so if you take our Photos we'll join your Photography club
Kay: everybody wins. We're not actually going to go anywhere near ya manky Dark Room. We'll just put our names down so Jeffreys will keep it open. Do i have a deal?

We all exchanged looks and Maddy stood up and spat on her hand and held it out. Kay sat down next to Rhydian i growled, but Rhydian put his free hand on my thigh. I relaxed slightly.

Kay: is Rhydian joining?
Rhydian: no
Adriana: oh and Kay yeah could you move ya know further away from my Boyfriend. Thanks

They all looked at me shocked, i just smirked cockily and Rhydian kissed my cheek. Shannon, Tom and Maddy chuckled. He took a sip of his drink. We were all leaving and i turned to face Rhydian.

Adriana: I'll catch up with you guys later yeah?
Maddy: okay I'll tell Mum and Dad you'll be a little late home

I left Maddy, Tom and Shannon and walked towards Rhydian.

Adriana: Rhydian!

He stopped and turned to face me. Then i catched up with him.

Adriana: I'll walk home with ya
Rhydian: i never said i was staying
Adriana: that's a pity, you have a Fan Club

I giggled and smiled before looking down. Rhydian put his arm around my Shoulders and i put my Arm around his waist. We turned and saw the Airheads staring at him. I waved at them cheekily.

Adriana: if they don't scare you away nothing will

I giggled again and laid my head on Rhydian's Shoulder. We both made our way to the Woods.

Author's Note; Okay that's it for this Chapter, i know it's really early for Rhydian and Adriana to start dating but i thought that was about the perfect time. Tell me what you think. I love you Guys!

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