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Mewtwo's story
Story published September 19, 2012 · updated September 27, 2012 · 3 pages · 596 readers · 1,237 reads
Mewtwo's Story
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Mewtwo's Story

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Mew two’s story
It’s so dark. So lonely. I have no one here with me in this never ending blackness, I am only here because they wish me to be like this. I do not know of these so called ‘Emotions’ that they speak of. The voices that I here around me occasionally tell me what they are, but I do not understand. I suppose I never will.
“I think you can” A small voice echoed through the black.
Can someone be here? Is that possible? “Of course it is. I’m Amber” A young girl appear out of a green light, floating towards me.
“What’s an Amber?” I asked.
“That’s my name silly, and you’re a pokemon” Her laugh rang throughout the space.
“I don’t know what either of those mean.” I told her
“Just think of yourself as the same as all of us” Three others came out of a bright light, circling around us. One was a light color that had a curly end, another had something that shined as bright as the light had, and the other had a large bulb on its back.
“These are my friends, they’re pokemon just like you. All copies of the original. Like how the call me Amber 2 but I’m really just Amber.”
I nodded and watched them all play, chasing each other. Eventually they let me join in as well flying away from each other and having, as Amber said, fun. Then she took us to a strange place. She said that it was where she grew up and played with her other friends. I turned and looked up, but it was bright like it was before.
“That is called sunlight, it helps us see things during the day.” She explained to me. “And this cold rush you feel is called wind.” I nodded at what she was telling us.
We flew over this ‘Town’ and looked at ‘The colored houses’. I still don’t know what she was talking about but I got this weird feeling. It was like I couldn’t help but… have ‘fun’. She told me so many things and I got to see other things than just the darkness.
“Come on, let’s play some more!” Amber shouted to get my attention.
“What will we do?” I flew over to her and my very first friends.
“We can play hide and seek” She poked my forehead. “I’ll count first so go hide and I’ll find you”
I went toward a giant thing called a ‘tree’ and hid behind it, waiting for her to come find me. Soon I heard her come this way. I placed my back against the tree and held my breath.
“I found you!” She giggled and grabbed my hand. “Let’s find the others okay?”
Amber flew off in one direction while I the other, looking for our friends. I looked behind ‘schools’ and ‘stores’ and even at a place called a ‘park’. Then I went over to a ‘home’ and looked behind it seeing my fire friends.
“I found you!” I tagged its shoulder. We laughed and went over to where Amber was going to be.
“Good, now that everyone is here we can watch the sunset”
“What’s that?” I asked her and she pointed at an orange bright object in the sky.
“That is called a sun, It brings us warmth. And a sunset is when it goes away.”
“Will it ever come back?”
“Yeah, but not until tomorrow.”
We stood there watching is disappear until it was dark again. But as it was just as dark as it was before I had friends small lights appeared below us. I smiled at the feeling I had again, called ‘happy’.
“Squirtle squirt…?” My blue friend started to get enveloped into the same light that brought it here.
“Char?” Fire was being taken by the same along with my ‘green’ friend in that same light.
“What’s going on?” I watched them go away from me.
“I don’t know,” Amber was slowly fading away. I looked at the houses and saw that they were already gone and we were in the same dark that I was in before. “But I think I have to go.”
“Don’t go. I don’t want you to.” I felt something on my cheek. Lifting it up I saw a clear orb roll off of my hand. “What are these?”
“They’re called tears. It happens when you’re sad.”
“I don’t want to be ‘sad’. I want to see you and my friends again!”
“I’m sure we’ll see each other again, just like the sun will come out again.”
More ‘tears’ poured down my face.
“Don’t be sad anymore Mewtwo. Be happy… Be happy to be alive” The light grew stronger around her until I could barely make out her figure. “Because being alive…”
She smiled as tears came from her as well.
“is a wonderful thing” I reached out to grab her hand but she was gone.
Amber… come back… I don’t want to be alone anymore. I want to be with you! I want you here with all of us playing again! I want to see the sunlight and feel the wind on us! To laugh and be happy again… Please, don’t go…


I don’t know where I am. It’s dark and I have this feeling. I don’t know what it is, or if I should be feeling this way… did I… forget something? … or someone?
I looked around the dark again, and the only thing I felt was emptiness.

I’m lonely…
This was something that I watched a while ago and it made me rethink everything about Mewtwo.

I hope you like it