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Autumn Air. (Cody Simpson Love Story) -DONE-
Story published September 22, 2012 · updated April 28, 2013 · completed · 127 pages · 7,887 readers · 66,773 reads
Chapter 1.
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Chapter 1.

  The crisp autumn wind blew through my hair as I ran down the front steps of the place everyone calls school – I like to call it hell. There’s a big crunch as I hop off the bottom step into a bunch of dried orange and brown leaves that got blown away from the grassy area. I pull my jacket over me, doing up the buttons on the double breasted jacket. I snug my knit scarf around my neck tighter and pull my long brown hair out from under it, it getting swept by the wind once again.

  I’m only 2 months into high school and I already can’t stand it. I mean, what’s the point of it? I’ve always liked school and now I can’t wait to get out every day. Plus, today’s Halloween. I love Halloween. I don’t go out and dress up; I’m a little too old for that. However, I love sitting at the door and handing out treats to all the kids – it just brings me so much joy. I hold tighter onto my bag as I run through the school’s football field at top speed.

  “Cianna!” I hear my best friend, Jaya, yell as I whip by. I turn around, jogging backwards to look at her. She’s walking with another one of my friends, Avigail.  “Why the hurry?” she chuckles, them both running up to me.

  “It’s Halloween!” I smile. “I want to get home!” I say excitedly. I’m so eager I can almost smell my mother’s pumpkin pie in the air.

  “Well, have fun with that.” Avigail snickered, shaking her head at me as she always does – I think I’m just too childish for her. I like being childish. Life’s to serious and most people don’t realize that.

  “Thanks, I will.” I say, picking up pace as I run backwards. “Happy Halloween!” I yell, spinning around into the direction I’m running it. I don’t wait to hear their responses, just run off in the direction of my house.

  I kick up leaves as I pick up pace some more. The wind whips me and it stings yet I suck it up and continue. I never get to run home since my brother, Greyson, is usually with me. He’s not ever athletic; actually he’s one of the laziest people I know. I take these day’s when he’s home sick or away with work to my own advantage, getting to go at my own speed. And my speed is fast.

  “Happy Halloween, Mr Hall.” I shout to him as he rakes up the leaves in his yard. He’s always been my favourite neighbour: so old, so harmless yet sweet as a pack of skittles.

  “Happy Halloween to you too, Ms Chance.” He replies with a deep chuckle. I reply with a wave although I’ve already sped past him. Finally I come across my house. The biggest on the street but that doesn’t matter. The last house on the left – I know, it sounds like a horror movie.

  I run up the front porch, past the hanging swing and all the Halloween decorations and to the red door with the reef that looks like it’s made out of twigs on it. I twist open the door knob and open the door. As soon as I step in it smells like hot chocolate and pumpkin pie. Score. The sound of the piano in the living room being played to the tune of “Your Song” by Elton John. I drop my bag by the door, it landing in a thump from all the text books in there. I walk into the kitchen in time to see my mom pouring some hot chocolate into a mug from the big pot sitting on the stove with a ladle.

  “Hey mom.” I smile, walking past her into the living room that’s attached to the kitchen, also where the grand piano is. “Hey Grey.” I say, taking a seat next to him on the piano bench. He stops playing, not removing his fingers from the black and white keys. “Feeling better?” I question.

  “Not really, but I’m managing.” He chuckles. That’s one thing about Greyson, no matter what his condition is he’s always happy and it’s ever so rare to see him sad.

  “Well, feel better.” I say, reaching over and giving him a side hug. Once I let go I look up to look at his sheet music, but of course, there is none. It’s odd how he just can memorize songs like that. I shake the thought out and grab him by his arm as I stand up and drag him into the kitchen where our mom is.

  “How was school?” She asks me, putting the chicken roast into the oven for dinner. It’s the same question every day and every day I say-

  “School’s, school.” I shrug, fiddling with a napkin that has a cheesy orange leaf printed on it, it having been left on the counter. She slides a cup of hot chocolate over to me and one to Greyson. I pipe up at a thought. “Hey mom, any mail from the music school?” I ask with a smile.

  There’s this music school I’m trying to get accepted to. They’re taking submissions for next semester and I really want to get in. It’s everything I want: singing, piano, guitar, and of course learning about music. I know what you’re thinking: your brothers Greyson Chance! Yeah, my brother is Greyson Chance but there’s no way I’d want to get accepted to somewhere or even have extra perks because of him. People already treat me different since he’s become really famous and I hate it. I’ve had people use me just to get near him and it’s annoying. To me he’s my brother, not some famous musician. Maybe that’s why I want this scholarship so badly. To prove that I don’t need Greyson and that my voice and musical talent is just as good as his, it just goes unrecognized.

  “Don’t worry, Ci Ci. They’d have to be crazy not to take you.” Greyson assures me, putting a hand on my shoulder. I slouch down, pressing my chin down on the counter.

  “But why would they. I guess I’m just that quirky and dorky music girl that no one really pays much attention to. Why would they pay attention to me?” I say, suddenly feeling pretty down and letting all my thoughts come rushing out.

  “Because you have amazing talent and you’re funny and talented and smart. They’d be nuts not to take you for academic and musical together.” My mom explains, now drying a Tupperware container she had just taken from the sink.

  “But it’s all the way in LA. And it’s not like I can come back for Thanksgiving.” I tell them, coming to the realization of how far it is from home. Am I second guessing myself and doubting my ability? I guess we all do at times. Just as my moms about to speak again my brother Tanner walks in.

  “Hey guys.” He says, slipping his car keys and iPhone into his jacket pocket. “Happy Halloween.” He smiles. One thing I love about my family? They’re always in the holiday mood. Halloween being all of our favourites. I think someone in my families like a witch or a warlock or something and that’s why we’re all obsessed with it. After all, we’re all very superstitious and believe in all the scary and weird non-sense. Probably not a witch, but that’d be sick if it was! “What’s up?” He asks, leaning against the counter and looking to us for response.

  “Ci Ci thinks she’s not going to get into the music academy in LA.” Greyson explains with a roll of his eyes. Tanner looks at my oddly.

  “I have a feeling you’re going to get accepted.” He retorted. I hope he’s right. I hope they’re all right. I sigh and just accept their words, trying to shake mine out of my head.


  I grab my cup of hot chocolate and head back over to the piano, setting it down on a coaster that’s always on top. I sit at the bench and lightly set my fingers onto the keys. I run my fingers over the smooth keys and begin to play the tone to “Hey Jude” by The Beatles.

  “Hey Jude, don’t make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better.” I sing along, “Remember to let her into your heart then you can start to make it better.” I fade away, my thoughts overcoming my words.

  In the background I can hear the door bell ring, and then the door opened, followed by cheerful children’s voices yelling those famous Halloween words.

  Please let me get accepted.” I whisper, shutting my eyes tight. 

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Yeeeeew. Okay, so I just need to point something out about the Chance family. You don't need to be a fan of Greyson or anything to read this story. I just needed it for something later on. And, if you know much about Greyson you'll know he has one brother, Tanner, who is 21 and a sister named Alexa. Well, in this story Alexa never existed and only Tanner and Cianne and Greyson's siblings. Oh & their dad is dead. Thats about it!!♥
Oh, and I kind of picture Cianna's singing voice like 

So is it good? Comment.

We went from strangers to best friends in no time.
-Cianna Sabrina Chance