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Children are the Keys of Paradise [Parent!Country x Child!Re
Story published September 23, 2012 · updated 4 months ago · 40 pages · 9,528 readers · 101,242 reads
Double-crossed [No
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Double-crossed [Norway]

        Standing behind your “Uncle” Denmark, who was sitting on the couch, you ran your fingers through his seemingly gravity defying blonde locks. “Hey, Y/n… Want to play a trick on Norge?” The Danish man asked, referring to your father who was asleep in his room.

        “Why would we prank Pappa?” You questioned, knowing whatever he had in mind would not play out very well.

        You giggled as he picked you up from behind him and set you onto his lap with his trademark goofy grin on his face that also held an aura of mischief to it.  “Because… Jeg keder mig and it sounds like fun!”

        You glanced into his crystal blue eyes, matching the level of mischief they held, imitating his smile. “Yeah!”

        “He’s asleep now, so I’ll go steal his precious hair cross…and afterwards, you go wake him up. When he finds it missing, he’ll freak!” Denmark’s booming laughter filled the room and you shook your head, chuckling.

        “Okay, go do it. It'll be so funny!” You exclaimed as you left his lap and flopped down onto the couch.

        As Denmark practically ran to your father’s room, you grinned widely from ear to ear, thinking about how foolish his plan was and how it was going to backfire. Your father was smart enough to know that the only one stupid enough to pull something like that was the Dane.

        “What are you smiling at, prinsessa?” Your silver-haired uncle, Iceland, asked you, his puffin on shoulder, as he walked into the living room and took a seat next to you. You leaned on his arm.

        “Uncle Denmark is stealing Pappa’s hair pin.."

        Iceland chuckled. “Like that’ll work,” he commented sarcastically.

        “That damned fool!” The puffin shouted, laughing. He quietly flew off Iceland’s shoulder and towards your father’s room to see Denmark’s plan in action.

        Your laughing started up again once you saw Denmark skip into the living room with the cross pin in his hand, Mr. Puffin trailing behind him.  “Objective complete. Now go wake him up, Y/n.” He ordered, gesturing towards your father’s bedroom. You nodded, obeying.

        “You know this is never going to work, right?” you heard Iceland ask Denmark as you were leaving the room.

        You giggled, running into your father's room. “Pappa!” you yelled at his sleeping figure, “Uncle Denmark stole your hair pin!” 
“Oh, come on, Y/n!” came Denmark’s loud voice from the living room.

        You saw your father’s eyebrow twitch and his eyes shot open. He sat up, letting out an irritated sigh. “Did he now?” He asked, receiving a nod. “Then I guess we’ll have to get it back.” His hair looked odd without his signature accessory.

        You smirked and left the room without a word. You began to chase Denmark around the house, shouting “Give it back!” in a playful manner.
Chasing him around a corner, he suddenly crashed into something causing him to fall backwards almost taking you with him, but luckily moved out of the way at the last second. In front of him was your father standing with his arms crossed.

        “Oh, hej Norge.” The Dane awkwardly laughed. “Don't hurt me!” You saw Denmark block his face with his hands in defense, exposing the hair pin in his right hand.

        Your father sighed and took his hair accessory easily, putting it back into place in his hair. “Idiot,” Norway muttered, “You’re lucky that Y/n is here, otherwise I would hurt you.”

        You stuck your tongue out at Denmark and mockingly laughed at him.

        “No fair, Y/n! You double-crossed me!” The Dane whined, crossing his arms.

        “That will teach you not to mess with my daddy!"

        Your father looked at you with smirk on his face. “That's my girl.”

        Just then, Iceland, Mr. Puffin in hand, walked into the room, observing the scene. “You idiot, Denmark. I told you it would never work.”


Jeg keder mig; Danish - I'm bored
Pappa; Norwegian - Daddy or Papa
Princessa; Icelandic - Princess

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