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Itachi x Reader: Under the Forgotten Sakura Trees
Story published September 23, 2012 · updated June 7, 2013 · completed · 6 pages · 1,811 readers · 2,892 reads
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WARNING: For those who like happy endings, don't read this.

Under the Forgotten Sakuras

A gentle breeze blew throughout the quiet night, rustling the Sakura tree's branches ever so lightly. The flowers danced in the wind for a short moment before floating down on to the silver lake, lightly disturbing the reflection of the pale crescent moon.
A man was sat on the floor, waiting for someone. She warned him that she would take a while. She was a strong leaf ninja, and she might've even been able to assassinate him.
The man was Itachi Uchiha.
And he was waiting for you. 
You stepped out in to the beautiful landscape, and Itachi stood up.
"Itachi..." you whispered. You quickly glided over to him, and he embraced you, taking in everything: The smell of your hair, the scent of your skin, the beat of your heart.
"(y/n)..." He whispered back. You both sat down, and he covered you in his cloak. You both silently enjoyed each other's presence for a while.  No one knew about you and Itachi. The Akatsuki didn't know, nor did Tsunade. But you loved each other deeply. You both never asked for information from either side, keeping the relationship strictly to do with love. You leaned in to his chest and sighed. You wished every night would be like this. Just together. Just both of you. But you knew his secret. He was going to die soon. Your breath slightly quickened at that thought. You closed your eyes and recalled the night you both had met. You were supposed to kill him, and it would've worked, but you saw him in the rain, crying silently, letting the tears slide down his face, whispering "I'm sorry, Sasuke...".
"Itachi..." you murmured. "I.. I have to tell you something."
"What?" he said quietly, eyes looking gently over you.
"I- I'm pregnant." the calm mood shattered, and he immediately grabbed your shoulder.
"You're- you're absolutely sure."
"Yes." you whispered, crying silently. 
"I'm never going to see my child, am I?" he asked quietly, after a moment of silence. The mood slipped back to quiet calm. His question was answered with silence. His death was coming on 2 months, and you both knew this was his last time being able to visit you.  Not long enough... That's when he noticed you crying. "Don't cry..." he whispered, wiping them off your cheeks.
"How can I not? I can't do this... Alone..." you choked up, realisation finally sinking in. 
"You can. You can, (y/n)"He said reassuringly. He turned you around and kissed you deeply. You returned the kiss, fingers laced in his silky black hair, while his in your (h/c) hair. Your tongues twisted in to a slow waltz, dancing for dominance instead of fighting. In the end, he won and his muscle explored every part of your mouth. The kiss went on for a while, and you both parted for air. "(y/n), promise me that when I... Go... You'll take care of our baby." he said, willing his voice not to crack. You nodded, silent tears slipping down your cheeks.
"I swear." you said. He softly smiled. His arms intertwined your body and you fell into a deep sleep.

A child... he thought. I have a child... he looked at (y/n). The feeling was unreal, but why would she be lying? She wouldn't... Anyways, leaving the Akatsuki would be easy. Leaving his dreams behind was easy, because he'd achieve them through death. But how could he leave (y/n)? Like Sasuke, she was his everything. And she had a child... His child... Just... How?

You opened your eyes to a warm dawn, but it held no joy for you. It was only a reminder that your time with Itachi was over. 
"I have to go." he said simply. He stood up, and you did too. "I love you, (y/n). He murmured, then he slipped away. Tears poured freely down your cheeks, on to the ground of the forgotten Sakura trees, as you whispered the words he would never hear.

"I- I love you too, Itachi."
I do not own the preview picture, nor do I own Itachi (Although that would be awesome)