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Escaping the Abuse (Jayy Von Monroe Love story)Finished!
Story published September 25, 2012 · updated October 30, 2012 · completed · 22 pages · 1,185 readers · 12,112 reads
Chapter 5
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Chapter 5

 I had gone to bed after Dahvie had hit me.  i am pretty sure I locked the door before I cried face down in the pillows on Jayy's bed, But some how I woke up wrapped in Jayy's arms. I rolled and Fumbled around until I was facing Jayy. I embraced his smell as I snuggled up close to his chest. He slowly yawned and stretched.
        "Good Morning beautiful!" He breathed out placing a smile on his lips. I had a lot on my mind and now was the perfect time for me to vent.
        "Jayy, I...I... I Don't want to be here." I said quietly with my voice cracking. I just could not keep it out of my mind it was only reasonable to get it off my chest." I ju...just thought it was gone and over with bu, but, When Dahvie hit me yesterday." I paused with tears threatening my eyes. I could not handle it i wanted so badly to stay but with Dahvie drinking again i was unclear of what I should do.
        " I am so sorry Laura I know it hurts... But, With your help we can get Dahvie to nip his drinking in the butt. He should be sobered up by now all you have to do is stay strong." Tears were threatening his eyes too. I nodded I know Now that i must go talk with Dahvie i stood up stretching myself out before heading out of the bedroom. I was going to  go straight to his room but the i smelt the sweet fragrance of waffles. I walked in the direction of the kitchen shuffling my feet along the carpet. When I had finally reached the kitchen I found a plate of waffles with an letter that had Laura Written elegantly on it. i felt a heaving in my chest did Jayy make me a special breakfast.  I sat down taking the card from the top of the waffles it read,"Laura, I feel ever so guilty for yesterday and i can't find myself to stay here for the time being. I have decided to take it upon my self a small vacation. I am going to Alabama. I will be gone for three weeks. Take care of our fans with Jayy and Preform my parts at show it would mean so much. I am going to miss you but please enjoy this apology breakfast I prepared for you. ~ ♥ Vanity"        By the time I  finished reading I was sobbing on my knees in the floor this is all my fault. I forced my cousin away. I completely disregarded the waffles he made me and ran from the  kitchen I left out the front door of the bus. I ran to the park. Crossing only the busiest roads. I ran to the playground and clasped on my knees under the big oak tree. The big oak tree that me and Dahvie had promised to stay by one another's side. We were ten but this meant everything and now he was going back to the country that I survived in just barley. He left me this is the second time he has broken a promise to me. First drinking and now the big oak tree. I need Dahvie back. I could not stand  all I was able to do was sob. I was crying for what seemed like hours before I felt a hand on my shoulder it was a firm hand. With short stubby fingers. I looked up but nobody was there nothing was touching me. I looked back down and felt the same hand run down my back. I gasped it made my body tingle. But when I looked up again nobody was there. I stopped crying and Sighed getting up on my feet and walking back home only this time i walked through the woods only because the aura I got from the forest seemed to fit my mood. The woods was damn with rain from the night before. there was not rain scheduled but after i got out of the woods the sky darkened ever so quickly and it began to pour upon me.  I was at the entrance to the bus lot at warped Jayy must of realized i am gone by now it is only 7pm. I walked up to the bus and slowly pulled the door open slugging my  soaked body through the door.
        " There you are!" Jayy called out embracing me in his arms," I hope you know we are going to Alabama in two weeks there is no doubt that Dahive is going to come with us then. I bet you he will be back before then!" Jayy squealed happily." this is not the first time he has done this." He chuckled and pulled me to his room. "We need to get you in some warm clothes." He said helping me slip out of my soaking wet clothing and  handed me a towel in which I wrapped myself. I tried to say thank you but all that would come out was hoarse air. i tried again and again. i freaked out and wrote down  what i was thinking on paper I wrote "I think i have gone mute!" by now I freaking out so much that  the room was swirling  I fell to the ground from being dizzy and that is when I blacked out.

Read the next update to find out what is happening.~>

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