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Black Butler One- Shots
Story published September 27, 2012 · updated 8 months ago · 32 pages · 17,438 readers · 126,559 reads
Drocell Keinz
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Drocell Keinz

        You shivered and wound your coat tighter around you. You had to be careful. You had heard there were kidnappings. They were all young girls like you. In fact, one of the kidnapped girls was your friend. It was all creepy. And then the rain factor.
        And then, like magic, you saw a shop. Angel's Wing Antiques. A perfect little shop.  Correction: A perfectly creepy little shop. One that would be in horror story. Lightning flashed from above. Yep, just like in all those scary stories. But it intrigued you. You felt a connection to it. A strange one. It just had a connection. 
        You opened the door and walked inside. You looked around. It was dark and filled with dolls and other things. You gasped when you saw one of the dolls. It looked exactly like your kidnapped friend. You backed away a few steps and bumped into someone. You turned around.
        "O-oh sorry sir." you blushed as you realized how handsome he was.
        He had beautiful violet eyes and nice ginger hair. He had a black top hat with a ribbon tied around it. You felt like reaching out and touching his face. It was so beautiful, but you resisted.
        "Hello (y/n)." he said, his voice emotionless.
        "Um...hi....Drocell. Good to see you again?" you finally recognized the man you had met a week ago.
        "You look scared." his voice was still emotionless.
        "Y-yes. You know, all the kidnappings and all." you backed away slightly.
        He touched your cheek lightly. "It's okay. You won't be hurt."
        Your eyes widened. "What?"
        You backed up slightly as he moved closer to you until your back hit the wall. He put his arms on either side of you and leaned close to you. His face was inches from yours. "I wonder," he said. "Could you be my fair lady?"
        "W-what?" your eyes widened.
        He smiled at you and 'London Bride' started playing faintly. And then...everything went black.
        "Build it up with silver and gold,
                        Silver and gold,
                        Silver and gold,
        Build it up with silver and gold,
                        My fair lady.
        You woke up and heard that lovely, creepy song reach your ears. For some reason, you loved his singing. Ugh, what was wrong with you?? You knew he was the kidnapper! How could you feel this way about him? But there was something about him. Something about him you liked. You didn't know what it was.
        But you knew you were scared. You ran towards the door, but almost invisible strings wrapped around your wrist and you were dragged backwards. You turned to face Drocell.
        "Hello. I'm glad to see you're awake." he said.
        "P-please don't." you cringed as he came closer.
        "Don't what?" there was a soft bit to his voice.
        "Don't turn me into a doll." you knew. The moment you saw your friend.
        His face was hard to read as always. "It's the only way to preserve such beauty as yours."
        You frowned. "Now I know you're crazy. I'm anything but pretty..." You truly didn't think you were pretty. You weren't just saying it to say it.
        "Are you sure?" he voice grew quiet.
        "Well you're wrong." your eyes widened as he said this.
        And then he kissed you. It was surprisinly soft and passionate. Your eyes widened. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around your waist. You kissed back, loving any moment of it. He pulled away slightly.
        "I'm sorry." he said. "Master would be most displeased."
        "It's fine." you sighed.
        He turned his emotionless eyes on you. "You just make me feel weird."
        You looked at him strangely. "How?"
        He sighed. "It's a strange, warm feeling. And I feel happy. I think." He cocked his head to the side. "It's rather ususual."
        "Could it be?" you thought to yourself. "Do you think it's love?"
        He stared at you, and you felt his eyes boring into your soul. "Yes. Maybe." he said.
        You blushed a little. "Drocell...I think I love you."
        He smiled. "So I do love you too."
        You blushed even deeper. "Wow...Drocell." You crashed your lips on his, kissing him deeply. He kissed you back.
        "(y/n)." he said, after pulling away.
        "Will you stay with me forever?"
        "Then become a doll."
        You smiled. "Fine. Yes."
        And so, you became a doll. He smiled when he saw you, though his face barely changed. You smiled back, your face sweet as ever.
        "Hello." you said.
        He took your hand and pulled you close to him. "Hello."
        You pecked him on the lips. "Great to see you."
        He grinned. "So."
        You stared at him questioningly. "Yes?"
        His smirk grew wider. "So you are my fair lady after all."
        You laughed. "Yes. I guess so."