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Black Butler One- Shots
Story published September 27, 2012 · updated 8 months ago · 32 pages · 17,494 readers · 126,880 reads
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UGH I hate this website sometimes. I mean seriously, I typed this whole story up and then it was deleted so now I have to re-type it. I'm sorry if it's not as detalied as it would've been. :(

No one could explain why there was a half-naked man running around London. Except for the Phantomhive household.
"We're very sorry, sir." Finnian bowed.
Ciel sighed. "Just get Pluto back."
You were on your way to church when you bumped into an animal. At least, you thought it was animal, because they were on all fours. You tripped on them, and when you got up you saw it was a man. A naked man. Your eyes widened and you quickly stood up.
"Why are you unrobed sir?" you asked.
He barked.
You sighed and started walking to church again. He followed, but you were unaware. As soon as you arrived, you saw a sign on the door that said church would not be held that Sunday. When you turned to head home, you saw the man from before. You sighed.
"If you're going to follow me, at least tell you your name."
He opened his mouth, but only a bark came out. He looked at you apologetically and tried again.
"P-p-pluto.." he said.
You smiled and held out your hand. "Your name is Pluto? Nice to meet you, I'm (y/n)."
He shook your hand.
You grabbed his arm and started leading him to your house. "You need some clothes."
Clothes? He hated clothes. But he kept on walking with you.
Once you got home you let him inside and started looking through your closet. Your late father's clothes had to be somewhere....
"Aha!" you pulled out a tuxedo and handed to him.
He looked at it for a few seconds and began putting it on. He didn't know why. Maybe it was because you were so cute...
You smiled when you saw he was dressed. "Pluto?"
He barked and you jumped.
"Well, Pluto, you must not talk that much, do you?"
He shook his head.
"So why do you bark?"
He began walking away from you and you followed, unsure where he was going. He walked out of your house then began taking off his clothes. When he was fully naked he transformed, and before you knew it, there was a giant dog in front of you.
Your eyes widened and he transformed back and put the clothes on again.
You stood there shocked.
And then he saw Mei-Rin running towards him and he breathed flames. She ran away.
Now you knew 2 unusual things about him. One, he was half-dog. Two, he breathed flames. Nope, not weird at all.
But then again, there must be a reason he was showing all this to you. He must've been shunned by society several times. Emotion rushing in you, you hugged him tightly. He smiled and hugged you back.
"Pluto." you said quietly. "I love you-"
He smiled. "(y/n), I l-love y-you too."
He kissed you, but you admit, it was rather sloppy. It was passionate though. You pulled away, smiling at him. "So where DO you live anyways?"
"PLUTO!" Finnian ran towards you two.
Pluto barked and licked Finnians face. You sweatdropped.
"Haha! Pluto!" Finnian laughed. "I'm so glad to see you!"
"Um, hi, I'm (y/n). Do you know Pluto?" you asked.
Finnian looked at you. "Oh! Yeah! He lives at the Phantomhive Manor!"
Your eyes widened. THE PHANTOMHIVE MANOR!?!? That's crazy!
You smiled. "Well that's nice. I had the pleasure of meeting him today."
"Yeah!" Pluto said, and Finnian stared at him for a long time.
"Since when do you talk?"