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Can't Get Enough~A Princeton Love/Abuse Story
Story published September 27, 2012 · updated October 22, 2013 · 26 pages · 2,755 readers · 23,552 reads
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My name is Darcy.

I have no personality. At least...that's what he's told me. I'm ugly, so when I take pictures, I hide behind the camera. I'm boring. I'm flat on the inside. I have no worth. At least...that's what he told me. But, he used to be nice. We'd go to movies. We'd go boiling. We'd even do...'homework' on the weekends. He' stick up for me when I got bullied. Now, I look back and laugh at how he used to protect me from them.

Now I need protection from him.

But I can't leave him. He won't let me. Ever since I was in a Romeo and Juliet play production at school, I had to kiss Romeo. He went nuts. He wouldn't let me talk to any of my guy friends. Or any of my friends for that matter. He'd have his arm around my shoulders at all times. Never let me out of his sight. Once I got out with my best guy friend, James. But...I got caught. Soon, he kept me at his house. He told my parents I'd be fine at his house for the summer.

I cried but they didn't understand. They never would. Lot in their love while I was getting beat in mine. Bruises and scratches covered my arms and face. Ever since that first morning after that first beating, I no longer wanted my picture taken. I take pictures myself. Like, I said, I hide behind the camera. 

I never let emotion show until it's time to rehearse our scene in the public eye for the paparatzi. Yeah, paparatzi. I know, he's famous. Maybe you've heard of him before. He's in a band. A band I was deeply in love for. But now... I read the name in any conforsation. The name? Mindless Behavior. His name?

Princeton Perez.

I Hate Her
I Hate Him
He Hurts Me
I Hurt Her...

Or Love?