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Papa!France x Chibi!Reader x Mama!England
Story published September 28, 2012 · updated 5 months ago · 61 pages · 8,059 readers · 66,724 reads
Enter ___!
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Enter ___!

"You bloody frog! Unhand me at once!" shouted England. 
" Stop struggling Angeleterre! I am serious! I 'erd something over dere! Just come on you black sheep!" shouted back France as he kept on pulling a struggling England. "And why should I believe y-" 
"Shhhh!! 'ere, 'ave a look." said the Frenchman in a hushed tone. England glared at the finger that was hushing him, smacking the hand out of his face he looked towards the direction France was pointing to. On the ground layed a sleeping child with short (h/c) hair. She was clothed in a white gown. A gown that reminded England of America's outfit when he first met him. "What's a young girl doing here?" asked England.
"Zhat's vhy I vanted to show you. I zhought zhat you vould know." said France. 
Shaking his head 'No', England went towards the young girl and picked her up. Her eyelids fluttered open. She squinted since she just woke up and not use to the light of the sun's rays. Her (e/c) eyes looked at England who in return, stared right back. Her eyes held curiosity within them as well a childish spark. A few more seconds of staring at England's emerald eyes the little girl's lips formed a big smile. "Mama!" shouted the little girl, hugging England's neck and nuzzling her check with his. England lightly blushed as he held the child close. Something inside him seem to come alive and he felt a wave of happiness over wash him.
"Oh~!!! Izn't she cute!? Oh come 'ere cutie!" shouted France in a happy tone. The little girl looked up and just noticed the other man. She giggled, "Papa!" she said in a childish voice with her arms held out for him to take. 
France's eyes shined with happiness and he took the little girl from England's hold. "Bonjour petit fille! Je m'apelle France, et toi? (Hello little girl! My name is France and you?)" She looked at him in confusion. "You twit! She doesn't understand that foul lang-"
"Je m'apelle _____(my name is ____)" the little girl responded with a smile. England looked at her in disbelief while France looked at her with amazement. 
"Oh!!! You are just so cute mon lapin and so brilliant!" Said France as he rubbed her cheek against his. ____ giggled as France's stubble tickled her. 
England took her from France. "And if I may ask _____, what on earth are you doing here by yourself?"
Your smile dropped, "...well I got no where else to go..." you said quietly. The look on your face tugged England's heart strings and looked at you in pity. 
Before he could even stop himself England responded, "Well not anymore! You are to come live with me ____... that is, if you don't mind." He said with a smile. Your eyes lit up and your smile widened as you nodded happily, "Oh really!? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!!!" You repeated, snuggling closer his chest. You held him close as if life depended on it. England and you just laughed merrily, completely forgetting that France was still there. He coughed, successfully grabbing both of their attentions. Your eyes lit up once again with curiosity and you looked up at your mama, "Mama is papa gunna live with us too?" England looked at you a bit shocked and then at France. His eye twitched but answered, "Yes...Papa is living with us too." England said through gritted teeth. You nodded and your eyes drooped. England noticed and gently rocked you till you fell asleep. France approached the both of you and looked down at you with a gentle smile. 
"So mama," he said in a teasing tone, receiving a glare from England.
" 'ow 'xactly are ve to explain zhis to zhe others?" France asked. England seemed to have just noticed that himself. Raising a child was difficult enough and with France being the "father" just made things worse; And to top it all off, there was a chance of the other countries wanting to steal ____. He sighed, 'Why does life love to mess with me?' he thought. 
"Well there's not much we can do if they find out and try to steal ____ away... so the best thing we can do is keep ____ a secret from the others." England said as he looked at your innocent face. 
"Vhat vill ve do about zhe meetings? Ve can't just miss zhem." France asked. England thought a bit. "Well, we can take turns going to them while the other takes care of ___. I know it's not a strong situation but it's all we got right now."
France nodded and pushed all of his worries away when he looked upon your sleeping form. 
'Awww... elle est tres mignon!' (awww... she is very cute) France thought. Then a thought hit him, a thought that made him smirk.
"So... does zhis mean ve vill share a bed together, mon cher?"

Both men left towards England's house with you still sleeping in England's arms, England with a scowl on his face, and France with a big bruise on his head.