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My Omegle Chats =w=
Story published September 29, 2012 · updated June 7, 2013 · 16 pages · 840 readers · 2,122 reads
Omegle Chat #4 [Xa
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Omegle Chat #4 [XavBel~!]

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like Hetalia.

Stranger: The curtains were closed and the lights were dimmed. It was night time on a Saturday, many would be out partying and celebration with their friends and loved ones, but Emma wasn't The Belgian girl sat in her living room on the floor tears rolling down her cheeks. She was a happily married woman in a healthy marriage, no issues, no problems, they rarely fought, until today. The Belgian was being cheated on, and the other didn't know that she knew until this afternoon, when they were caught. Emma pulled their wedding album off of the shelf near the television. Her fingers turned the pages, causing her eyes to water more. How could this have happened? Emma looked at the clock and noticed it was getting late. She hoped that they wouldn't come back home tonight, but the chance of her wish coming true vanished when the front door of the apartment clicked open. ((Human AU BelgiumxAnyone crack pairings allowed :D))

You: [Ummz,can I use my OC Malaysia?^^]

Stranger: ((sure :3))

You: [Awesome ^^]Xavier slowly opened the door,afraid he might disturb someone.He was only here to visit the Belgian girl,as he was like a brother to the Belgian,and he felt like he needed to comfort his friend,it was a Malaysian habit that people should support each other after all.He slowly walked up the stairs,but even so,he felt like a stalker,and wanted to go home.But he still walked anyways,finally reaching the room's door.

Stranger: She saw that it was Xavier and was a bit happy that it wasn't her spouse. She pulled her knees in to her chest and hugged them tightly.

You: He opened the door,a bit cautious,then walked in to the room."H-hey Emma,a-are you a-alright?"The shy Malaysian stuttered,as it was a frequent habit when he talked.

Stranger: Emma looked up at him, her green eyes usually full of joy, were full of tears. She shook her head.

You: Xavier felt something like someone had thrown a water pipe at his heart,walking next to the Belgian and kneels to her level.The Malaysian slowly wiped the tears "E-emma,you sh-shouldn't cr-cry over th-that b-bastard.." It was the first time he cussed,for he was a nice person,and was probably considered as a pure type.

Stranger: "I...I don't know what to do!" Her life was a wreck, her marriage was ruined, and the Malaysian cussed.

You: "h-hey..C-calm down..I-I'm here...I'll...I'll help you get through this,alright?" This wasn't an offer Xavier would do,but he felt like he really needed to say it.

Stranger: The Belgian found herself hugging the other.

You: The Malaysian blushed slightly,for he wasn't the kind who was used to hugs,but he gently hugged back,patting the Belgian's back as he did so.

Stranger: "Oh Xavier, what am I going to do? My life is a mess."

You: "It'll be fine...I'll be there for you thick and thin.besides,I am a Malaysian,and Malaysians support their friends,forever."

Stranger: "Thank you, you're a great friend."

You: "You're welcome."

Stranger: She let go of him gently, wiping tears away.

You: The male for some reason felt sad when she let go,he then fought with himself mentally,pretty sure he doesn't have a crush on her,which,he actually does.[..This..It's so fluffeh..X3]

Stranger: ((X3)) She sighed quietly. Just what was she supposed to do with her marriage? She felt like divorce seemed to be what was coming, yet she was still in love.

You: [Hey,can I post this on Quotev?]He thought for a moment,thinking of what could cheer her up,which he eventually gets an idea.

Stranger: ((uh.....maybe...? :3 i liek dis face)) She looked to Xavier hoping that they wouldn't just sit in silence.

You: [Okayz and cool.]"Um..C-can I u-use the k-kitchen for a minute?"Xavier asked,in his normal shy tone.

Stranger: She nodded. "Go ahead..."

You: "Thank you."The male walked to the kitchen,deciding to make one of his specialties,and his favorite food,ais kacang.[Seriously,it's nice.]

Stranger: She stayed in the living room, her eyes darting back to the wedding album, something she didn't want to touch. It would only make her feel worse.

You: He took a slight while making the ais kacang,for he had to think of what to add.When he was finished,he carried two bowls of ais kacang to the living room,where the Belgian girl was at."U-Um..I-I'm not s-sure if you'd l-like this..B-but for m-me,it cheers me u-up when I'm in a b-bad mood..."Xavier said,handing a bowl of the ais kacang to her.

Stranger: "Thank you," she took the bowl gently from him.

You: "Y-you're w-welcome.."He smiled slightly,eating his own.

Stranger: She started to eat the ais kacang returning a weak smile.

You: He continued eating his own,to him it felt like heaven,and smiled to himself.

Stranger: She enjoyed the treat, but she still wasn't in a great mood. Sure it had made her feel a bit better, but her heart still ached.

You: "I h-hope it d-d-does any g-g-good...."He said softly,almost not quite heard.

Stranger: "It helped...."

You: "O-oh..Th-that's g-good then.."

Stranger: She gave him a weak smile again.

You: He smiled slightly."So..Wh-what are you g-gonna do now?"

Stranger: She sighed, "I don't know..."

You: His smile faded after she sighed."I'll support you,just,d-don't do s-something stupid,alright?"

Stranger: "...I'm still in love with him..."

Stranger: ((apparently I just made it a dude....))

You: "...I see."[Oh.]

Stranger: ((:D)) "I...I'm sorry..."

You: "H-huh?N-no..It's f-fine!"

Stranger: She bit her bottom lip. "Thank you."

You: "Like I said,and always will,you're welcome."

Stranger: Emma looked at the clock, "It's getting late..." she spoke quietly. Did this mean her husband would come home?

You: "Y-yeah..."[Well,who should it be?In your opinion]

Stranger: ((eenie meanie- I have no clue. Cause I'm an idiot. :P Actually, I'm not sure, for some weird reason my mind keeps shouting out Spain and then I start thinking of tomatoes...and now I'm ranting like an idiot. Cause I am one. :P))

You: [No,you're not an idiot!You're pretty awesome though!Hm...Spain...Spain would be with Romano /shot repeatedly/ but then again..]

Stranger: ((I don't know I'm thinking of tomatoes, dancing tomatoes with smiley faces like this :D, but I don't know actually. D:))

You: [Same..Hm....I'll guess I'll go along with Spain.]

Stranger: ((okay :D (from now on that will be the tomato face)))

You: [Nice tomato face X3 But I think,in my opinion,Romano will fit more,cuz I'm good at him too.]Romano walked in,with a sleeping Spain under his arms."I'm-a back." Xavier tried hard to not beat the sh*t out of the Italian,and decided to be all invisible,like he usually was able to.

Stranger: ((That can work :3)) She remained quiet not wanting to talk to him.

You: [I guess so.]The Italian simply walked to his room,not saying anything else. Xavier somehow managed to be unnoticed,but it took about 95% of his willpower to snap and turn into a complete Russia-like person.

Stranger: The Belgian touched Xavier's arm lightly, she wanted her friend to calm down before anything could happen.

You: The Malaysian looked at her with a reassuring smile,knowing that he won't snap.

Stranger: She bent down to put the wedding album away in case he came back into the room.

You: "I uh..Don't r-really th-think I'm s-supposed to be h-here much l-longer th-though..."He suddenly said,but not really meaning it.

Stranger: She sighed and looked to her side. "You could stay longer if you want..."

Stranger: (( this is too adorable not to share))

You: [D'aww~It really is cute~!]He scratched his head a bit confused."Uh..Th-thanks..]

Stranger: "You don't have to if you don't want to. I'm...uh....I'm just saying that if you want to, you can."

You: "We-well,I guess I am k-kinda worried a-about you..So....I guess I-I'll stay l-longer then.."

Stranger: " you want anything to drink?" She felt bad not asking before hand.

You: "N-no..I'm f-fine..Thanks.."

Stranger: "Alright...and you're welcome..." she twiddled her thumbs, "I should probably go wash my face..."

You: "You kinda should...You look pretty worse.."he realized what he said,quickly adding"N-n-n-n-not i-in a b-b-bad way t-t-th-though!"

Stranger: "It's okay, I'll forgive you." she said teasing him before walking off to the bathroom.

You: "Oh god I'm such an idiot.."he mentally facepalmed.

Stranger: After a few minutes of scrubbing at her face she came back to the living room.

You: Xavier started drawing a while ago,somehow ending up drawing the Belgian girl without noticing,

Stranger: "I'll be right back," she went to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water.

You: He simply nodded for a response,continuing his drawing

Stranger: While in the kitchen she spotted the bottle of champagne her husband got for his birthday. She really just wanted to pour it down the drain. She got herself a glass and poured herself some water and left the kitchen before she did anything stupid.

You: He continued drawing,eventually finishing it soon.It was beautiful,he thought,smiling to himself,satisfied with the drawing.

Stranger: The Belgian sat down in an arm chair and drank her water quietly.

You: The Malaysian decided to keep the drawing,but feeling the need to show the Belgian it first.

Stranger: ((i gtg sorry))

Your conversational partner has disconnected.