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Story published October 1, 2012 · updated October 2, 2012 · 9 pages · 75 readers · 113 reads
Ava Comet
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Ava Comet

Hey, I'm Ava.. Just call me Ava... There isnt much you cant shorten it to... Or you can call me A... Eh whatever... Doesnt really concern me :).

So I'm 16, and I'm from Liverpool, but my mum wanted a change of scene, so she decided we would should move to America.. We have lived here for about a month and a half now, and pretty soon school is gonna start up again, and I'll be the 'exotic' new kid. Maybe it will be fun... Who knows. :P

My parents are still together it's just my dad isnt around that much he's always on 'business' trips. Or maybe he's just trying to get away... I dunno. I have a little brother, he's 5. my mother was around 15 when she had me so she wanted to have another a little later this time. I was 11 when he was born, I was so excited because I always wanted a little brother, definatly not a sister, I was so lucky to get him, I would do anything for him. Oh and by the way his name is Tommy.

I have spent so much time at the beach lately I have gotten a great tan, Tommy doesnt seem to like it for some reason, I dont know why it's REALLY fun!

Bye guys.
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