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Roc Royal Imagine
Story published October 4, 2012 · 3 pages · 2,198 readers · 4,896 reads
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“AAhhhhhhhhhhh.!” You screamed, grabbing your stomach. You crawled off of your bed hardly able to stand. Once you regain your strength, you run downstairs and out of the door. Sweat dripping down your face, pain flowing through every part of your body possible. You ran for blocks, knowing exactly where you were going. You finally reached your destination, bursting through the doors. You quickly requested a room. Shockingly, they already had one waiting for you. You ran into the room, your parents and your boyfriend Roc; waiting there for you. “W-What’s going on.?” You say confused. “Its ok babe, everything will be alright” Roc says, walking you towards the hospital bed. You lay down, watching everyone else smile at you. That’s when the pain kicked in. You screamed to the top of your lungs, tears flowing out of your eyes. Nurses and doctors ran into your room immediately. “Its ok ma’am, the baby is just kicking” the nurse said. “WHAT.?!” You snapped back at her. “Oh don’t be silly, you’re 9 months pregnant sweetie.” She says, smiling. You looked down at your stomach to see a full grown belly. Your breathing rate increased rapidly. “Nooooooooo.! NOOOOO.! Take it out..NOW.!” you scream. Everyone in the room stood there and laughed at you. A few nurses prepped you up for delivering a child and the pain almost killed you. “Push.!” One nurse yelled. You pushed as hard as you could. No matter how hard you tried the baby wouldn’t come out. “We’re going to have to cut her open” the doctor said. “No, no no. I can push it out—AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGHGN.!” You screamed. He slid open your stomach without any hesitation. Blood was everywhere. “I just need to cut a little more” the doctor requested. “NO.! No more please. Please.?! PLEASEEEEE.?!” You woke up. Sweat dripping all over your face. Roc quickly sat up to see if you were ok. “Whats wrong.?!” He said, holding you tight. You ran into the bathroom and locked the door, pulling out one of your mom’s pregnancy test. Even though it was a dream, you and Roc had just had sex and you didn’t want to take any chances. “ YN, talk to me.?! What’s wrong.?! You have me freaking out right now.!” He says, trying to open the door. You walked back and forth waiting for the results of the test. “YN.?! YN, open the door” “Roc would you PLEASE just go sit down.! I’ll come out when im ready. Leave me alone for a sec.?!” you yelled, getting frustrated. The test was finally over and you saw that it said you weren’t pregnant. A smile slid across your face and you opened the door to tell Roc what happened. He was nowhere to be found. You called his name but no one replied back. You ran outside and noticed a figure walking down the street. You knew that that was Roc so you ran after him, yelling his name. You then slowed down, noticing two older guys walk out of the alley in front of you. You only had on a tank top and shorts so you used your arms to cover yourself up; it didn’t help that much. Roc knew something was up when he didn’t hear you yelling his name anymore. He turned around to see no one; just an empty neighborhood. “I guess she just stopped caring for me…” he thought to himself as he walked home. “RO—“ you tried to let out as someone covered your mouth, caring you over their shoulder.

-To be continued.