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Imagines of One Direction
Story published October 4, 2012 · updated November 9, 2013 · 112 pages · 10,261 readers · 50,993 reads
Sad Niall Imagine
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Sad Niall Imagine

It was nearly 2 am and you and Niall were walking down the 

empty road, you were extremely furious. “Why can’t you keep a single thing in your mind? I told you to do one thing on your way back. ONE. All you had to do was go get diesel filled up in the car. But no, you couldn’t even do that much and now we’re stuck walking home.” You yelled at him. Niall didn’t say a single word, just looked down and kept on walking. The wind snatched the paper you had been holding right out of your hand and across the road. “Go get that will you!?!” You snapped at Niall, too tired to even walk across the road. “Calm down babe, I’ll get it.” Niall said, calm as ever. He bent over and grabbed the piece of paper, but instead of coming back right away, he stopped there to read it. “Hey babe, I think a car is coming, get out of the way. “ You slowly let out, now more worried than angry. “Don’t worry, I’m comin’, Nothing is going to happen, the roads empty.” Niall assured you. But he was wrong, a truck came rushing past him, knocking him to the ground. They didn’t even stop. They left him there. Bleeding. Helpless. They didn’t even think they should help him. The truck just flew by. Bruises were building up on his body, he was bleeding out, he had cuts over his face, and worst of all his eyes were closed. You ran towards him, sobbing uncontrollably, “Niall! Niall! Hey, open your eyes,” shaking him, unable to hold the tears back, “Why won’t you open your eyes? Just… Don’t die on me..” you cried, your knees weak. Burying your head into his chest, you cried and prayed to God, he wasn’t dead. Pulling your cell phone out, you call an ambulance. You sat their waiting, you hands intertwined in his. His eyes fluttered open, he was trying to say something, you leaned in closer, still holding his hand. But now, you were smiling, there’s still hope. With struggle he managed to get his words out, he said “I love you,” then kissing his hands, you whispered “I love you too.” Then the ambulance showed up. You waited for what seemed like hours in the waiting area, alongside Harry, he was the only one in town. The others were all catching the most immediate flights back. The doctor came in, you and Harry rose, fingers crossed, hoping for the best, but then as the doctor began with the words, “We’re all really sorry,” you knew; there was no hope. Not anymore. You faced Harry, hugging him as the tears streamed down and he explained the condition he died in. You didn’t get him there in time. “Miss,” the doctor started, you turned towards him, still sobbing lightly, “I understand this must be a difficult time, but I believe this was intended for you,” He said as he handed you a small box. He left, giving the speech he must have to millions and cared for none. You opened the box, knowing what was in there, but hoping you were wrong, it would just make it worse. It was a ring. You weakened knees finally failed as you fell to the ground, crying and sobbing. Harry bent down to comfort you, “It’s all my fault. He’s dead because of MY stupid paper.” You whispered. “No it’s not, it’s no one’s fault,” Harry said, his crackling voice clearly suggested he was holding back his own tears. “No, it’s my fault,” you whispered, tightly clenching on to the ring, that's the last piece of Niall you had left now.