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Story published October 4, 2012 · updated April 22, 2013 · 162 pages · 511 readers · 5,721 reads
Alexandria Anderso
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Alexandria Anderson

Alexandria Anderson
Hey! I am Alexandria...well real name is actually Alexander..thank you Dad!
 Anyways call me Alex or Skittles or just a nickname you want for me.
I am one of those average students in a normal high school who is very much unknown to most students. 
Reasons? Don't have one. Just don't wanna be in a 'in' crowd with all the drama stuff.
I am fifteen of age and a nerd. I am proud to be one!

I have some talents....but not much people know about it...and I don't talk about it..
My best friend is Logan Colton, just friends. Get that.

Umm...I love the color green.

I use to have this friend named Tyler Stark and let's just say we no longer know each other.. existence.
He is dead to me, even if I see his face everywhere. Dead.
Now, it seems like he is back, because I got injured because of him.
It isn't even that big of a deal, but he is making it like it is.
Just to protect his image.
Everyone has a reason. Everyone has a choice. Everyone can change. But not everyone uses common sense to deal with them.
Team Logan?
Team Ryan?
Team Tyler?
Team Chris?
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