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Raised By Wolves: A Ronnie Radke Love Story
Story published October 6, 2012 · updated May 7, 2013 · completed · 49 pages · 2,323 readers · 21,167 reads
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This chapter was done by Princess Zelda Von Star Vanity

Terra's POV

Snowflake was dead, and it was because of me. It was my job to protect her and I failed. The pack will never want me back now, my own family. Tears came into my eyes as I slept, whimpering for the pup I lost. I got up and all of them were looking at me with concern looks. I growled at them since it was their fault Snowflake was dead. I should have been with the pack and than maybe she would have been alive. "Terra I'm sorry." Ronnie said with sad eyes.

I turned my head away and he sighed. "Was that wolf part of your pack?" he asked me. I whimpered a bit and he nudged me softly. his touch sent a jolt up my spine. "I understand what its like to lose something so precious, but she wouldn't want you to mourn for her forever, knowing if the pup was carefree and sweet." What did he know, he knew nothing about the pack and he knew very little about me. "Maybe we shouldn't have taken her in." Derek said in a low mumbled. Ronnie glared at him and slapped him. "You wanted her to die!" Ronnie shouted. Why was he defending me I thought to myself. "No man, its just...well look at her. She isn't like us and probably likes being with her wolves." Ryan said calmly. "Yeah but she's human. The same skin, the same features, the same heart. It would have hurt me if she was gone." Ronnie said. Jacky nodded and looked to me.

"Well Terra?" Jacky asked me. I looked at all of them and sighed. I ran out of the tent on all fours and returned to where Snowflake was, her corpse was still there. I wanted to pay my respects to my fallen sister. I howled a song I used to sing for her a licked her nose one last time before I returned to the site. They all looked at me with a intrigued looked. "You sure can howl huh?" Ron said with a chuckle. I managed to crack a smile and went to the fire. I felt a presence next to me and it was Ronnie. Some how with him, I felt at ease. I heard some faint sound waves and I got on my feet and went to Jacky and I yelped a bit. He had strange things in his ears and I tugged at the strings with my paw. He chuckled and pulled the strange things out.

"Want to listen to music?" Jacky asked me. I couldn't understand what he said. "M-Mu-rwar?" I said and Everyone chuckled slightly. "Mu-sic." Jacky said. I tried again. "M-Mu-Music." He nodded and he tried putting them in my ears and I swiped at him. Ronnie chuckled and got the strange contraption away from him. "It won't hurt you Terra, now may I?" Ronnie asked. I nodded and he stuck them in my ears and played me this song:

I howled softly to it and the band smiled. "She likes it." Ryan said with a smile. "Say what song did you put on?" Derek asked. I looked to Ronnie and he said, "Carolyn." Pretty vocals and I listened to it until it ended and I whimpered. Ronnie chuckled and put the song back on again. "If you want a new song, let me know since I know what you can try." I nodded and listened to Carolyn around 1o times and than I nibbled on Ronnie's shirt to change it. "Want another song?" I nodded and he put on this one:

I listened to it closely and I recoginized that voice. "Ronnie!" I said while pointing to the thing. Ronnie nodded and smiled. "Yes that's me." I smiled and listened to the song and I gave it back to Jacky. "What do you think?" Ronnie asked. I yelped happily and Ronnie stroked my cheek. "So its good?" "G-Good." I said with a nod. "Its good she's learning to speak, it will be easier to get along with her." Derek said. "Yeah, but it makes her cute when she's wolfish." Ron said. Ronnie looked at me with his sparkling eyes and it made my heart race. What is this feeling, I don't know what it is. All I knew was from my mother if your heart races and it isn't for the hunt or protection, it means you found a suitable mate.

My tunny growled and so did the rest of the guys. "Should we fish again, or should we go into town for more food?" Derek asked. "I don't know how long we can live off trouts." Ron said. "Okay fair enough. Derek and I will go." Ronnie said. Go...go where,! I grabbed his leg and whimpered. "No go Ronnie!" I cried. Ronnie picked me up and held me close. "I won't be long." I shook my head. "No go." Ryan chuckled and said, "Derek and I will go, that better Terra?" he asked. I thought for a bit and I nodded. "Okay we will be back with new supplies." Derek said as they left.

Why did I feel upset when Ronnie was going to it....possible that...Ronnie could be my mate?
And I thought I was raised by wolves, she takes that to a whole new level...yet I've fallen in love with the wolf girl.~ Ronnie Radke

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