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Gunslinging Berserker
Story published October 8, 2012 · updated October 29, 2012 · completed · 49 pages · 578 readers · 5,869 reads
Chapter 4
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Chapter 4

        Gunslinger was walking down a dark hallway, putting a lot of distance between Reno. The apartments led into an abandoned factory, which then opened into another section of desolate apartments. Gunslinger walked slowly through the dark building, her breech loaded gun at the ready, finger over the trigger.
        She walked up the stairs to the top floor – the sixth floor – and then heard something. A floorboard creaked farther down the hall. Gunslinger froze on the last step. The hair on the back of her neck stood on ends. Get a grip, girl.
        “Gunslinger, come in Gunslinger,” Rufus spoke over the headset. She reached up, turning down the volume so she could hear her surroundings better. “Gunslinger?”
        “I’m here,” she whispered.
        “Damn it, get your butt back here,” Reno growled in annoyance.
        “Where are you?” Rufus asked.
        Gunslinger didn’t answer, and began to walk down the hall. Her eyes flickered back and forth between the closed and open doors. “Gun… ing…” the headset crackled. She stopped, playing with the tuner. “Co… n…”
        Looks like I’m on my own right now…
        “We lost her,” Rude finally said when their calls to her were not answered. “She must have hit a dead zone.”
        Reno growled and punched the wall. “Where the hell is she?”
        “We’ve got to keep trying to get a hold of her,” Rufus spoke up, and continued to call Gunslinger’s name into the microphone.
        With every step Gunslinger took she froze. Most of the boards creaked under her feet. As she got closer to the end, she stopped. The hallway broke off into a ‘T’. Gunslinger pressed her back against the right side of the wall. Sweat rolled down her face, and the Turk quickly wiped it away before swinging around the corner, pointing the gun at the area in front of her. She turned the other way, and found the left side empty. No one was in the hall.
        But she heard something. It sounded like smacking lips. A low growl sounded here and there, as well as the sound of ripping flesh. Gunslinger pressed her back against the wall once more, and eased her way down the right hallway. The noises grew louder at the last door, and she stopped. Slowly, Gunslinger reached for the doorknob, and quickly turned it. The door opened slightly, and she glanced in.
        Her heart stopped.
        There in front of Gunslinger were the monsters, only the whole room was filled with them, and they were eating something. The door to the right cracked, and the sound of nails scratching against wood reached her ears. She silently moved toward it, looking through the lock in the door. Gunslinger had to cover her mouth as a gasp formed at her lips when she saw this room full of monsters as well.
        She quickly spun around, and sat with her back against the wall, clutching the gun to her chest. Her eyes were as wide as saucers, and she tried to control her breathing so the monsters wouldn’t hear her. “Slinger,” Rufus’s voice came over the speaker. “Come in Slinger. Answer us…”
        “I’m here…” she whispered.
        Reno jumped to his feet from where he had been resting on the floor. “Why does she sound scared?” he asked the two men in front of him. Then into the microphone he asked, “Gunslinger, what’s wrong?”
        Gunslinger swallowed the lump in her throat, glancing over at the door she had slightly opened. “I found them…” she whispered even more softly. “Sir, I found… I found a nest.”
        “Did she just say nest?” Rude asked in alarm.
        “I was hoping I heard wrong,” Rufus said. “Slinger, stay where you are. We’re coming to get you. What’s your position?”
        Gunslinger looked around at her surroundings. But then a growl reached her ears. Her eyes rested on the open door. More growling erupted from it. The floorboards creaked, and Gunslinger knew.
        “They found me…” she whispered in fear.
        The Turk threw her body away from the wall, catapulting herself down the hall just as the door exploded in a mess of wood. She turned around as monsters filled the hallway, and opened fire on them.

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